Dark Blood Age

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Ch. 1
Eh... No Sun = no plants and reduced heat = death in a few years.
The Sun is the primary energy source for every living thing.
That'd be a terrible premise if this tried to be scientific. Let's see where it goes.
@cloww I usually read all of your release. and I just found this, so I'll try it out

edit: after reading ch1. the premise sucks. the art didn't help either. well I'll try to finish all chapter that is available
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bwargh! i heard this was very popular on novelupdates as i got people telling me to translate this via mail...but the manhua response seems to be quite low lol. i'll try to pump out more chaps
Fuck my life! This has an adaptation!!! Fuckkkkk yeaaahh!
Edit: never mind this seems kinda poor in quality and this is very rushed in terms of the story.

For whoever is interested there is a novel of this in NU with the same name and is pretty good, very dramatic, tragic and with lots of action.