Nina-san no Mahou Seikatsu

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Ch. 19 - Family and magic (Second Part)
thanks a lot for double release , i'll hope this event have a happy ending too
Pauli did nothing wrong.

On a more serious note, Iris's backstory about her father is really fucking sad. Usually people have either their mother or both their parents die in media, so it's surprising to see only her dad die and how that influences her. Interesting

Also, considering Iris's love interest, Rei, is in the middle of investigating something related to this case, I think seeing them interact on this could be interesting

Nina is also top tier waifu
Even her mother doesn't have eye brows that big
"I have a wife and kid!"
Oh damn, he's innocent!
Minecraft reference in page 20?
This feels like a cover-up, this guy just doesn't feel like a traitor and the way the war is being done here interesting, like a cold war were the parts involved are worried with mutual destruction.

The art in this is so unique, the only things it gets me little are the proportions (no i am not talking about boobs... well not only) they arent bad i just feel them more, maybe it because i have preference for slender type more here it is more "poofy" so to say.
Art style in this manga continues to surprise sometimes.
what are the chances PAPA got framed by those bad guys like the one who was trying to kidnap Iris
"I have a pupil so I can relax all day"
No Nina, that's not how it works xDDD

We learned new poses today, that's important !! also the flower

Hoping for a happy ending for this family... and then comes Iris' family, good to see more about her.