Dear Door

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Ch. 32
can't wait for the next chapter uwu
Thanks for the chapter!

So... Can someone explains whether the white braid guy really just finds Cain being soft unacceptable then deemed him unworthy of becoming his Lord leading to his betrayals... Or if he's gonna change and all of this is connected to how he got conflicting emotions in him???
This is confusing me... why is the right hand guy betraying him? Have I missed something? I vaguely remember Cain threatening him in the past chapters ๐Ÿค”
Lol, it was too much talking and me being a fool understood none of what he was trying to reason. The gist that i got is him trying to figure out why the lord's right hand man is betraying his master for Satan?
I wonder how fast it took them to think this out, otherwise it would have been:
"The doctor's dead"
*scarred guy stands up and stares weirdly*
*braids guy stares weirdly*
*red head is panicking*
*the two lovebirds get confused about the long awkward tense silence*
Dammit! This such a cliffhanger
Thank you so much for the update.