Almighty Master

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Ch. 46
Rofl this is so stupid xD
"Meat Grinding" Tag for Manhua should be added XD
Damn dude, Gotta love stories where the mc is either an OP god or a Fucking idiot depending on what the author needs for the chapter to move along, no way letting a self proclaimed assassin leave alive will come back to bite him.
@zirvano idk how you didn't pick up on that at chapter 10
Man, it's becoming boring

Every chapter is "some asshole who tries to be picky with someone and then MC saves the day"... repeat 40x
Best plot ever. Dude stole the medicine and then MC let him go after breaking his sword.

I really wanted some backstory about how the original dudes who were extorting with the medicine actually created the disease as a scheme.

๐Ÿ˜ฌ I read this for the colours.
thx for the chapter.
You guyd really take this seriously, huh?

I thought all of us who read this only read it for the luls only
you beat 1 retard
another even bigger retard rises
every chapter the stupidity grows
its like the great flaw of power scaling
there always has to be a bigger bad
you got Vegetable who can turn into a great ape and break your BONES
then you got Freezer who puts a death ball in planet namek supposed to explode in like 10 seconds (takes 3 years)
then we reach the Cell Arc Kamehamehas can immediately destroy the planet
fast forward Battle of Gods Arc that big bad Freezer was really just a lacky of this God named Beerus
in the same way
every chapter there always has to be a bigger stupid
it'll never end
Qin Mo will always be unmatched
there wll be no depth only stupid
big ol stupid
every villain
@Necrokora In their defense, is ANYONE in this series aside from the MC not a complete moron with goldfish memory? Dude has performed more miracles than Jesus at this point and yet the same people keep doubting him every single arc.
I swear, it's the same old formula, the mc gets insulted by the asshole, the asshole tries to harm or do something to the mc, mc rekts the asshole and embarrasses them, the asshole/assholes swear/s revenge then repeat the process. No fking creativity just the same formula but different theme, it annoys me cuz people are actually buying into it but it's their taste. Just "the more you know" bantering

Thanks for the translations tho, and also screw the authors

Ps just repeating my banter again hahaha
I wonder how far below room temperature their IQ must be to not connect the dots of

Has a Spirit Sword -> is probably strong enough to own one since its so coveted

You cant even bring the argument of "he borrowed it somewhere" because he technically has no family