Dungeon Meshi

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Vol. 6 Ch. 37 - Harpy
Im glad Kabru could make the move, now just hope they won't try too look for another way too bring her back..
"she looks so cool" more like creepy
Yooo why every Monster here are so cursed.

Also Kabru i still hate you, no matter ehat you do, fuck you.
Ughhh Harpies. I heard it as if I was playing Dragon's Dogma...
Can't blame Kabru for that move. Farlyn was clearly too far gone. Only a monster would stomp on a dog (man) like that.
Holy fucking shit, this was EPIC!
page 26 : "laois onii-chan" , she has round eye-pupils , so this is the soul of the sister that is speaking .

previously , the dragon 's soul controled the body and she has slit eye-pupils .

and where is marcille 's frog suit ? i want to see her fight in that suit , lol .
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OMG , I see n!pples ... of harpy girls , in page 12 . This is the 1st time the lady mangaka draws n!pples .

page 12 :
- my sister looks so cool . im so envious of her . i want to have a monster 's body too .
- yo laios , people are dying here , you know ?
- what people are you talking about ? in my eyes , i only see my cool monster sister .

The weather looks good today , the sky is raining harpy girls , ninja girls , crane girl , sister , lol .

RIP , the harem of samurai dude : ninja girls , crane girl , oni girl , Falin , only cat girl is left . But maybe some of them can still be revived .

Everyone is trying to protect what they love the most : Laios and samurai dude protects Falin , the Hobbit protects his Hobbit girlfriend , and Senshi protects foods , in page 18 , lol .

This Harpy chapter certainly has a Happy ending , lol , pun , Happy Harpy .

The reason that gnome can control an Undine : Back in chapter 19 , the old gnome said " We gnomes have lived in harmony with nature spirits since time immemorial . For us , they are neighbors , not beings to be feared ."

Page 21 : Kabbage dude takes off his metal armor because his girlfriend is about to use a Lightning spell .

I bet the Harpy girls and the little sister will taste like chicken , lol .
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I hope someone offs the curly haired dude
"She Looks So Cool"

Alright, this manga just became a 10/10 for me. It's pretty original, lol.
@Ahan1899 Cynicism often turns to Stoicism. Stoicism is often mistaken for Sociopathy.
I've been wondering for quite a bit, but is Laius some sort of sociopath? He's been very nonchalant about everything he went through.
"She looks so cool......"
...Laius, you fucking--
monster tidbit of harpie : harpies have herpes , lol .

to read the 10 pages of omake , you have to buy english volume 6 . the omake includes pages about shapeshifters and harpies .