Dungeon Meshi

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Vol. 6 Ch. 39 - Shapeshifter (Part I)
@Mitsu13 based on Senshi's journal, he also kind of underestimating him.. but he slowly changes his mind. His diary can be read in that link
http://imgur.com/a/MWgLdMy (Beware of Spoiler for those who havent read until chap 50ish)

hates in term Chilchack sometimes see Marcille as annoying person... not really hate
They say bad thing about Laius' memory of them but it's just small things. While all three of their memories of Laius are really different from the real thing. #JusticeForLaius

Rereading this makes me feel sad how often they thing lowly about Laius, he just think differently from them and have unique but useful solution

@daywithoutgames Chilchack hates Marcille??
The clothing is part of the shapeshifter's flesh. Also, cute, blushing Chilchak is from Senshi, who views him as a child.
I am super ultra genius
my guess :

Girly , blushing Laius came from Senshi 's mind .

Giant Laius came from chic chac 's mind . Because he is short .

Retar* Laius came from Marcille 's mind .

Evil , ugly Marcille came from Chilchuck 's mind . Because he hates her .

Doodle spellbook Marcille came from Senshi 's mind . Because he doesnt understand magic .

The last fake Marcille came from Laios's mind . Because he did study her spellbook .

Page 14 : Cute , blushing Chilchuck came from Marcille 's mind .

page 17 : the cool-looking Senshi is a dead giveaway , he is obviously a fake , lol .

So this kingdom has a dungeon sewer , it is The Dungeon in The Dungeon , lol .

4 cute Marcilles in 1 chapter , my d!ck is gonna explode , lol . I cant wait until the next month chapter , maybe all of them will have a big orgy with 4 Marcilles . Or will they eat the shapeshifters ? To eat them ,1st they need to strip the clothes of the fake Marcilles , OMG , my d!ck .

Page 8 : that is probably the hand of Asebi the ninja girl from Samurai dude team . She is grabbing the left hand of Marcille .

last page : laios is like " yo , im hungry , b!tches . you 6 b!tches must cook some meals for me "
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Oh my god the details in this chapter are crazy
Page 8, whose hand is that holding Marcille's? LOL
I couldn't help but hear this song while reading page 3 https://youtu.be/AMAreReG_zk
She must of had fun drawing this one XD
lol they're too laidback XD