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Vol. 7 Ch. 62.5
@omegakaiser Maybe by the time of the next one one of those suns will burn out and there will only be 999 suns. Don't think translations that bad, just hard to read.
@LilYoshiXD That is an excellent question but I did what I could with a laptop without a mouse and the heat of a thousand suns
- Yeah, I know I did a piss poor job translating and typesetting this omake chapter for a friend on r/Orient.
- This chapter takes place between the 59th and 60th chapters which have yet to be translated by Sense-Scans, so read it at your own risk even though there are not many spoilers tbh.
- No, the original text never made any reference to Jafar, Yunan, Ka Koubun or Arte by Ohkubo Kei. I was just adding some filler to kill the time.
- We really need translations for the omake chapters from volumes 04, 05, 08 and 09 ASAP.
- Everybody is GAR for Naoe Kanetatsu and Takeda Naotora!
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why all the different fonts?