The Reincarnation of the Strongest Onmyoji ~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared to My Youkai~

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1.2
oh-- oH OH HES DEVIOUS! why did i forget that this man's got curses and shit he can use! onmyojis have all sorts of spells!
What is even the point of him going to magic elementalist school when he's not a magic elementalist?
So.... is there going to be a reason why a "slave girl" who "really" has no magic affinity can use spirits ? Or the authors just going to play the co-incidence card.

Man hat a terrible brother. No doubt he'd plot revenge in future chapters.
I think the second son has potential to become a villain
@Kampfarsch well based on ch 2 seems like his magic is already pre-existing in his current world plus you can consider what he did as summoning magic the slave girl is using spirit magic they just don't have a name for it in their world. though it is weird that humans only focused on the usual elemental magic and not experiment on other forms of it a bit narrow minded unless

your second paragraph though yeah he could just stay at the mansion until he is older maybe escape from time to time to have some fun that's the easy going life he wanted maybe build a farm using his yokais or something
I like him. He actually hurt that lil bitch. A lil bit of malice is needed.
We are reaching levels of convenience that shouldnt even be possible
He can just use his weeb techniques from his last life
He can just summon fucking ghosts from another universe if he wanted too
The other girl that cant use magic either can just ask spirits to do it for her

This is already painfully generic lets hope the next chapters change it up a bit but i have little hope
These kinds of manga always rush to the magic school asap even though its almost always the worst part cause its always the exact same bullshit
Like what even is the point in going to school at all in these stories? The MC was already god tier in his last life he doesnt need to go there theres literally no point.
And then most of them are like "i just wanna live a hassle free life" like no wtf you chose to go to university for no fucking reason how is that an easy life
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a smart mc. nice
This seems like it will be interesting.
I hope we see more of this.
The after I used my spell to break his hand I deafault dances in front of him,
Screaming in pain, and with my emotion face I said

"Don't worry I didn't break you're hand it just felt like it did"

Then he said

"W,w,what are you?! Are you some kind if monster???"

Then I do the [take the L] until he passes out.

That said I won the victory Royale by deafault
"Did you make new discoveries during your time in elementary school?"

Lmao even Asian parents don't expect this much
"This is a spirit, and it keeps saying 'HAY, LISTEN!'"
loving it, MC has a brain for once
Kekaishi in another life
why don't u just injured him more,
he's so annoying tbh ==

youd be surprised, there are people out in the real world that are textbook copy of this.
@FalcionVD Yeah, we still don't know the true extent of his powers, but he did say that he only set his spirits on the mountain, so it's safer to say that only the mountain and the borders of the mountain were actually under his plan scope
@entity_101 I can see that. It does make sense when you put it that way. We don't know if he can only control the talisman all the way to just the mountain but if he could go further to the city, he would've made the effort to do plan everything from the start and sure fire it instead of just searching just the mountain for one. Think i'm fine with that conclusion. Would've loved more context. Maybe next chapter we get some perspective from the father.
@FalcionVD Now that you mention it, yeah in page 38 it actually looks like the monster tail, and from what you explained I can get your thought line

But from the lines that we get, I formed the following:
A) The forest and the mountain are connected
B)To go to the mansion one can reach it by first entering the forest and then going along the mountain

We know he set up his spirits on the mountain to make a monster go to the forest, and with those two points the monster would end up at the mansion before appearing at the city

And in a logical way sending a monster to the city go completely against what he said about everything being planned, and not by lucky chance, because first, someone who can repel the monster needs to be at the city, in that case, his father, and second, the monster could need to flee towards the forest, but still being able to flee to some other place, so we have two chance-based problems

Now go by the following thought-line, the MC needs a situation that he will be rewarded with whatever he asks, he needs witnesses to prove his feat, we are never shown him leaving the mansion area, so by a logical standpoint it's more believable and makes more sense to send a monster to the mansion, were he is, instead of the city, where he isn't, and there's also a chance of the monster fleeing at the opposite direction of the mansion

So, in the end, sending a monster towards the mansion since the beginning makes way more sense than sending to the city and then have it go to the mansion
Man, the mid brother is a really bad trashy villain character lol XD how can a character be this one dimensional.
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