Dear Door

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Ch. 28
y'all are doing amazing we stan talent and hard work!!!
Thank you for your appreciation everyone!
We are aiming for a weekly upload every Saturday
however it is difficult to match that schedule and not guaranteed to be on time all the time
because our staff can be busy with their daily lives but we will still try to upload on time! ๐Ÿ˜†
Thank you for your hard work! I will be waiting for the next episodes, your work is awesome and soooo good performed that is beautiful to see <3

P.D: can I ask which period of time will be the stimated for each episode? :o Just asking, not preasure of course!
Oh! Are they finally going to meet up? I am super excited!
Thank you for the continued uploads!! So appreciated
Thank you for this. It has made my day.
I though this would be pointless smut....okay it is...... but somehow I am addicted. I think the fact they managed to somehow stitch a plot around it is what I am impressed by.