Zombie 100 ~Zombie ni Naru Made ni Shitai 100 no Koto~

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Vol. 5 Ch. 19 - Hometown of the Dead 5
He sure does fucking live up to his name (the neet)
This one is the easiest drop I'll ever make if the villains don't get destroyed brutally. And if the author tries to go for a redemption arc, he should be punched in the face by his editor.
Can somebody just kill this fucking neet already..... I hope zombies eat his brain
That edgelord psychopath needs to die! He wasn't even bullied or beat up. He was just a scaredy NEET. Fucking hell and that municipal office worker should suck dick if she wants to be kept alive.

I think the Blonde Weeb girl will join MC harem. This stroy will only reedem itself by becoming ecchi harem shit now.
This series doesn't do human conflict very well, I hope this is the last such arc for a while and it becomes an enjoyable read again.
Kencho’s life really went to shit
@Blazezalb If we assume the last time he had sex was 5 years 3 months ago, then the kid born 4 years 6 months ago it still add up.
That mosaic Kencho...๐Ÿคฃ
The 27 year old dude was okay. He represents someone we all could be if we just let our guard down just a tiny bit
We all feel wronged by society and your family in someway, even if all the fault lies within us. It is easy to blame others to save your fragile ego.

That edgelord really need to go though. God damn, what a pathetic human waste.
yeah. just die and let the series end.
These villians are lackluster but also oddly appropriate because they are the very definition of what petty and malicious assholes humans can be, not every asshole is gonna have some tragic backstory, some people are just shitty people after all. The only reason this group of assholes even managed to cause such a calamity is because the villagers likely didn't think anyone would be insane or stupid enough to try to screw everyone over. These villians are not very imposing or clever or threatening characters but in this scenario they don't need to be. They are just vindictive hedonists who likely feel the world owes them something despite them never truly trying to put in the effort to get what they feel they were owed.
@Sep10trion I think the point of these villains is that they're one-dimensional. They're not meant to be deep. The author is clearly mocking the segment of society that would want to see everything burn in an apocalypse like this.
Villains are great, when given proper attention and growth. These look like dime-store imitations. The arc actually started off really well, but the “we live in a society” douche is really not spicing things up like say a Negan or Governor. Who knows; maybe he actually will start becoming formidable. Shigaraki from My Hero Academia started off pretty pathetic (save for his design), and look at him now.
Lmao everyone here pissing on the story because they don't like the evil characters. Well duh you're not supposed to like them, they're evil (except the new compelling villains in movies). That's no excuse to tell on the story which is actually good.

This is not your isekai power selfullfilling fantasy.

Also Kencho mate you're getting a harem with all that luck you've got now. Man amongst man.
Kencho a man of all manI salute to you Kencho
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Haven’t had sex in 5 years, but has a 4 year old son? Something about this math doesn’t add up.
This is a Seinen manga?
The first few chapters were a good dark comedy.
Then there was the snafu with turning Akira into a babbling idiot just to generate character development for Shizuka.
I like her but I just wish there was another way the author developed her.
Now it's just a straight-up shounen manga and a bad one at that...
Some of the "villains" motivations and actions don't really make sense either.

Edgy Neet - I suck at life so fuck everyone that's successful.
Sure, so he stays home smokes every day and somehow has the capacity to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Disgruntled OL - I hate the people I work with and how I'm treated.
So now she's just ok with killing innocent people? What?

Ball of Lust - Rejected because of personality habits appearance? I dunno.
I'll kill innocents and rape. Well I guess this one kinda makes sense.

Terrible Husband - I feel like no one (wife, coworkers, whoever) is ever grateful for what I do.
I'll push anyone down that is successful. Also kinda makes sense, but I dunno seems like a stretch to kill a whole village.

These 4 ragtag bunch of failures(?) somehow were able to plan all of this and no one noticed a thing.

It feels like all this was all irrelevant and the author only introduced the village to teach MC and whoever survives the skills they learned here and just move on.
"Former NEET"
I'm still interested if the grandpa they mentiones that used to make weapons will have some relevance, because it would be a good life savior no only for the characters but also for the manga.
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