Heartbroken Chocolatier

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Vol. 3 Ch. 7
Being Kaoroku is suffering.

He should be with Elena because they understand each other, as much as I like Kaoroku she's too straight-laced for him.

His sister is the worst. You don't even start dating your friends boyfriend, that's awful
@Not_this_again Yeah, everyone's a mess and so on, but it's fascinating to watch.
@Nixnaw Same, I like Elena better lol. I'm pretty sure he doesn't end up with Saeko. Otherwise, this entire manga would be pointless.

@Not_this_again Thanks!! I'm talking to two people right now, hopefully one of them is interested.
It’s been so long... thank you Mayu and good luck finding translators!

I had forgtten how much I find these characters odious. But damn is it well written.
At this point I rather he ends up with anyone else be it Elena or Kaoruko as long as its not Saeko. Lol he's such an M but I have to admit his one-sided love is great creative energy for his chocolates.

"what's so good about sAeKo"
Oh wow shots fired there by Olivier.
Wow an update after such a long time! Thank you.