The Professor Who Reads Love Stories

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Ch. 3
I love the MC’s introspection! The webcomic is awesome so far, and I hope someone else picks it up.

What’s the issue with the raws? Is there any way that would help you guys obtain them?

Yeah, seems about right. Jaekyung and Kyungmin seem to be married or at least committed to each other because of their rings. (I don’t know Korean customs so I’ve no idea if those rings mean marriage, but they both have a ring on their left ring finger, so I assume it’s a serious relationship.)

Kyungmin’s brother, Sungwoo, is a student of the professor — he appears in chapter 2 when they’re talking about research papers.

I think my main dramatic worry would be this unfolding where MC feels that the story Kyungmin writes — a 50-something professor falling in love with a younger woman — will happen to him... and he falls in love with Kyungmin.

No idea if that’s the way the story is supposed to play out, but I hope it doesn’t because I wouldn’t want to watch that heartbreak. I’d rather watch him see his daughter happily living with a partner of the same gender and then realize that there are more types of love than he knows (which seems to be a main concern since he googled the word “normal” when he searched for romance web novels).

Holy crap, there is a whole lot to unpack from this series already, haha. What a wall of text, oops.
So let me gather this up in how I see this.
Mc(old man) has a daughter that is in a (from what I can gather) lesbian relationship with the author of MC's favourite web novel but shes keeping her relationship a secret, this seems to be the reason why in chapter 1 MC was a bit confused and worried to why his daughter in her 30's isn't married yet. The author has a brother that is in college and I'm guessing that the "nice advising professor" is also the MC.
Prediction: Since Author decided to visit the fan mail senders address (MC's) she is probably going to bump into MC's daughter, with some confusion and maybe drama entailing.
This seems pretty good so far.
So everyone is connected but don't know it yet and there's possibility of many kinds of developments to occur. I wonder what
Aw man I hope someone else picks this up. I'm really interested in the story!!

True, but they still picked it up for 2 chapters.

Better than none imo.
@boradsword80 they said they are dropping it after this chapter
Thanks for picking this up!