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Vol. 3 Ch. 12 - Twelth Needle: In The Bait Box
@Forikorder Yeah, I'm being pretty harsh here, probably too harsh.

I went back and took another look at her actions and granted she did get suspicious of Maggie right on their first meeting, but was cut short by "the beast" appearing.
I still think Nat and the doctor should appear way too suspicious to them for them to just leave after Nat willingly agreed to accompany them, because Nat had already been involved in two suspicious incidents; travelling with the suspicious Maggie and protecting "the beast" in the forest. But idk, maybe that's just not how Zera operates. You might be right and detective work might not be their thing. I might be trying too hard to see them as a kind of inquisition.

Well, I'm fine with leaving it at "it's supposed to look like a cat for the in-universe characters, while the reader can see a clear difference". Although it's weird that she instantly got suspicious of Maggie but not of Zia.

Agreed on that.
@Frozeneye i think your being way too harsh on her there

she wasnt there to catch a Zomviguarna, she was there to look for a hint about where Nat would be and since she got the genuine article she left since she didnt think Victor would shelter a Zomviguarna anyway and didnt want Nat to escape while they wasted time searching his lab, which had already been searched for the most part

she did get distracted by a cat, but its not like she had any reason to think she needed to hurry in any way, and in her cat form Zia is indistinguishable from a regular cat, you cant see the nail and the stitchs would be hidden by her fir

her position is probably decided more on her strength and ability to fight and lead, they're zombie hunters they probably rarely ever need to play the role of detective
Brutal must be one of the most incompetent leaders I've seen in a long time.
- tries to capture Zomviguarna > literally captures the only non-Zomviguarna
- gets distracted from her duties by a cat (not even noticing it's a Zomviguarna, which she should be capable of identifying?)
- instantly looses her cool while interrogating someone, while the interrogated one stays level headed
I'm sure there can be said much more about her and I still missed a bunch of detail, but seriously:
How did this woman ever get her position in their organization?

EDIT: Manga and translation still great, thanks for the work!
and another one
It wasn't a bad plan, and even if she fell in, she could probably have defended herself reasonably well.

I don't think anyone expect centipede lady, though.
she failed pretty fast.
Gross, worm girl.