The Goddess of Healing

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Ch. 13
I want to b-slap that father.

In these stories tears are always a woman's best weapon.
Why are all the dads in these stories like this? So annoyed with the ignorance and stupidly of the father. That woman isnt even his mistress...yet! Geez. The mom wasn't even acting out of line.
Thank you!! Can’t wait for our OTP to be together. Lol!
What kind of garbage trash is this father? Like honestly, he's so brazen bringing his mistress under the guise of 'my wife's sister and niece'.
So shameless!
And those two scheming women, can you be more ridiculous? If it was any other normal person, they would have been called out on their audacity, but that absurd father keeps on protecting the two of them.
They deserve what's coming to them. I just hope that their fall will be spectacular.

Anyways, thanks for the chapter! I really enjoyed it!
Honestly, the FL needs to hurry up and do something about that horrid trio of Father, Mistress (Aka the whore of a sister) and Illegitimate daughter. Like why tolerate them???

Also, what does number 3 on that list mean?? "Break the jar and wait for an opportunity"? Idek what this is to answer if I wanted to.
but ok I wish for the general's father's recovery, I wonder why the master healer doesn't want to see the general (or he doesn't want anyone at all?)

also damn the audacity of this man, his mistress, and bastard child
What lie? I only know what I know.

*covers face with fan from nose down*
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If I am being honest, I would probably break at the first sign of evidence that I lied xD
Totally agree 100%. Hypocritical behaviour - "maintaining family harmony"!

Look at dem sneaky bitches making that smug face, really hoping they get their just desserts. I'm glad that the mum had some sense to take MC's advice cause this is just the start.

Thanks for the chapter.
I would probably not lie in the first place... But if I WAS caught in a lie, I would definitely break. My poker face sucks
Man brings home his mistress and bastard child to legal wife than tells her that she is responsible for any disharmony in the family. Yeah... right.... Can't keep his dick in his pants yet takes no responsibility for his actions. Can we poison this bastard? I'm not saying kill him, just make him bedridden and let him suffer some physical anguish to make up for all the mental anguish he's causing. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ