Ouhi-sama wa Toubouchuu

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Vol. 1 Ch. 7
Thanks so much for translating this series ! =D
Thanks so much for translating this series!
@Kevadu You're not missing anything big, but I do have my own thoughts about a couple of the details:

"Getting more holy trees"
Mistis is in the world all the time, Holy trees just gather it in fruit form. (Ref end of Ch 2). But the actual growth of the fruit takes magicians efforts (Ref early Ch 3). So unless you put mages into singing for them, the new trees won't give fruit. In the future if they start adding mages, that's probably because they need (and will use up) the magic, (maybe they are creating a magical internet) so for now and near future there shouldn't be a problem with more trees. (Plus, if there are more trees, there's less reason to throw magical nukes at them if there ends up being a war, since they are no longer "single point of failure"). (Ch 5 onwards imply that holy trees always gather mistis - if we want to work these to together it's probably "holy trees always gather mistis, but need to be overloaded if you want fruits anytime soon, i.e. you need to forcefully add extra magic to them for that)

"Queen dowager wants mistis back by returning summon even if nobody knows it can be done"
The possibility to get mistis back was just a "winning ticket" since it would solve her plans right away. Her second level plan was "if the foreign queen is gone, we can do as normal royalty and create alliances by marrying the king off". (Ref early Ch 4) Unstated, but she might also have had a third level plan of "If a foreign queen runs away like this, maybe I can put an end to the tradition of summoning foreign queens, that way we can start accumulating mistis in the future and at least not end up powerless in the upcoming arms race" (Note that she's fully aware of the mistis fruits usefulness as magical nukes, and nuclear arms races make people silly)

"Nobody talked to the king" - "Gred the liar" - "King finds Shize, but does nothing"
No, Gred didn't want anyone talking to the king since he might side with his mother. (Reasonable possibility, from his pow. Plus Gred is a bit stupid).
King finding Shize and doing nothing - yea, that bit would have been better written out of the story. But since it is in there, let's call it "too much respect for her will", based upon the fact that she was not in danger (didn't seem to be imprisoned) and she had made the king make her a "bug out bag" earlier (which he could read as "I might run away without you sometime") - so he's doing the "if you want to see if someone loves you, let them go and see if they return" thing.
Shize then does returns on her own to the king (with some help of her friends). (Ref mid to late Ch 4). King then talks to Shize, she explains what is going on (but no pages are wasted on it since we readers already know everything) and they even solve a misunderstanding (he convinces her that his wish is for her to remain, i.e. he's in no way interested in his mothers plans). (Ref start of Ch 5)
(Then they start worrying about it again in the end of Ch 5, that the king might have to put his country ahead of his own will, which is kind of noblesse obligee, but they didn't have any time to make a decision either way since kidnappius interruptus. Shize would probably have talked to her husband again over it though before any decisions were made)

"Kidnapping even if they could just have asked her"
At the time she was under control of bodyguards, and hunted by Gred (and by the Queen if she too has figured out Gred tricked her), plus the plan was all along to get her unwilling self to the neighboring country (or wherever Gred was born in the first place). Anyway, the decision to kidnap first and ask questions later makes sense from a "this meeting must happen" perspective. It's stupid from a "also it would be good if she comes ready and willing to negotiate" but they lucked out that she was willing to overlook it as long as she could be reunited with her family.
So many things wrong with this series...

The queen dowager is targeting Shize so Gred decides to protect her except he completely lies to her for no apparent reason so naturally she runs away...

They don't involve the king in any of this because he might side with the queen dowager except there is literally zero indication that he would at any point. And more than that nobody stops to ask Shize what she actually wants to do or if she's OK being separated from her husband and child over pure speculation...

The king finds Shize's whereabouts on his own but doesn't bother to, like, talk to her and ask WTF is going on even though nobody is telling him anything...

The reason the queen dowager is targeting Shize is that they might be able to get some mistis back if they return her except it sounds like that's just theoretical and nobody has even done it before...

Oh yeah, the whole reason for wanting mistis is that they think there could be a war with the neighboring country even though nobody from either country seems to actually want one...

At one point Shize is kidnapped by people from the neighboring country because they want to talk to her even though she is totally willing to do so normally and they could have just asked...

And in the grand conclusion we find out that their ancestors were worried about there being too much mistis because people can abuse it and do bad things with it. So Shize's solution is to plant holy trees everywhere thus generating even more Mistis?

Am I missing anything?
yeah, it was a little rushed, but at least it finished! so many stories just drag on for the sake of dragging on, it's refreshing to have a short series every now and then.
it’s cool.
Thanks for translating, and not posting a fake chapter for april fools! Out of the 20 “updates” i got today, only 2 of them were legit, including this one. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
too much exposition dump, this really felt rushed.
Still a nice story.
Got into this from the premise. Execution was lacking. Ending was meh.
Thank you for translating it! It had an interesting plot, just wish the author organized or told it in a better way. I agree with the others that this was a bit weird (it ended weirdly too).

But i love the kings dedication to the FL! they’re adorable.

Thanks againnnn!
This story is... one of the most weird (and to be honest kinda trashy) isekai story from beginning to end. Thank goodness it was not long too.
Ty for translating this project
Everything at the end was kind of confusing and seemed rushed but it was a cute story
Very meh, had an unique twist on the isekai formula, but I guess unique doesn't always mean good.
@codydub03 I had the same thought.
This story took a very anticlimactic turn towards the end...

But it was a cute story and something completely different from other otome isekai I've read. Thanks for translating it! โค๏ธ
That was confusing as shit
Source LN is only 1 volume long.
Does no1 else see the downside to the phone tree thing? I mean, you can literally intercept the conversations just by being in the going to one of those branches.. Yes, yes there's guards but not as many as you'd find at either castle.
wat. Well that was weird. Not BAD, just....weird.

I like the idea of tree-hair powered telephones, but it's kinda abrupt.
Hotline tree..
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