Ningen ni Koi shita Oni wa Warau

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Vol. 1 Ch. 2.2 - The Firefly and Princess Kaguya under the Moonlit Night
I check the comment before the manga. I'm afraid i can't stand the feels
there is slight amount of pain on my chest when i scrolling to the last page, idk why.
The manga feels like a fleeting dream and i love it.
Oh god the feels...

The feels are back...
@raltzero Oh wow. I hope you have a speedy recovery! Thanks for the awesome translation work.

Really don't like this turn of events for the manga. Him not hating his father kind of ruined this. I don't know what kind of weird setting this takes place in but yeah, I'm not with this at all.
@raltzero hope you feel better soon! stay safe
thanks for the translation!

Stay safe and hopefully you will make a full recovery.
Many thanks to @ChaSoo24 for the cleaning and redrawing!

I took your advice on GIMP and fonts, but it was such a pain in the ass to set up @Yourself

I took your advice on changing the MC's name to Ayato @justforthelulz

Sadly, I'm a lazy bum and won't be editing that into pages 1 - 12.

It was a wild ride on the translation and editing in of the rest of the chapter since I became sick, showing not one, not two, but all 3 symptoms of COVID-19. My family doctor wasn't able to verify whether or not it was COVID-19, but hey, at least my sickness is basically over.

If anyone wants to pick this series up, DM me on MD or over at my Discord: raltzero#4169

Thanks for reading!