Ragna Crimson

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Vol. 2 Ch. 5 - Noon of Fang Sharpening
To be fair it really just depends on how they handle things. Crimson's curse of being undying could in the end have the exact same effect of Ragna's, as in all the people he meets are without a doubt going to die, even if only because of age, while he will live on.
Ragna's curse on the other hand is more "direct", but supposedly he could end his suffering by killing himself, since he shouldn't be immortal per se. Of course he's not going to do it, but in a way you could say he's just willingly prolonging his own anguish by being "stubborn" in his wish for revenge.
Crimson's curse is worse for sure, but by how much depends on how 'real' her immortality is.
Ragna isn't not cursed just because Crimson has it worse, but Crimson is surely a blessing to him; a master who can't die regardless of his presence.
I hope we aren't supposed to really think that what the traitor is going through is worse than the MC.