Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5
I see...
The reason she loves lying on his bed is because to left her scent to mark her territory.
“No, I will not allow my room to be a meetup spot for buxom, flirtatious woman”
dang it
@crochetcocoking too less ... (less than 50) Tbh unlike what I said to Reimans, I did the poll to know how much priority to give to this since this is fairly light-hearted and I have many more chapters lined up to release.. Looks like y'all want the good old bi-monthly or weekly releases...

No worries~~
I'll do just that.. : )
@x_renon_x You are back, eh? : )
@Itida_Ariel_2568 i told you it's a good manga.
Also, i haven't used my other account in MD yet
@Itida_Ariel_2568 how many votes do you have already?
He should just snatch her legs and give her a boston crab
@Renki You can count on me like one, two, three... I'll be there... Well not me exactly but @miko_da_freako will be : )

Also, check out his server ( link on his MD page).. where he teaches fellow manga enthusiasts japanese....

If you practice hard enough, you might even become a translator yourself and **trust me they are treated like rare species** ; )

Aren't they, miko?
thanks, i just "read" all raw up-to-date, can't wait for yer trans to undersand what they say :3
@Reimans Is it a crime? Lol..

All is fair in Love and War...

Nice way to call people to the group... Well, i'm in.
@gigabarto Same here. It's dying because we care about quality but at the same time I don't want my beloved peeps to sacrifice their personal "me" apart from their irl shit working on scanlations.. This is a hobby which brought us together to give everyone a bit of the joy we all feel when we read the mangas/manhuas/manhwas... : )
Cool thanks for picking this up! i hope your group avoids death
Dense.... just like a lot of others romcoms char...
😈😈I didn't think that this series will be getting these many views tbh.

But after seeing everyone's enthusiasm our dear staff worked extra hard to bring you all another chapter during this short period of time...

Now, I'm conducting a poll on our discord server... ( link on Einherjar's MD page, do like and bookmark us while you're at it ; ) )

=> If it gets more than 100 upvotes, we'll release another chapter immediately and one chapter a week henceforth.
=> If it gets more than 500 upvotes, we'll release 2 chapters immediately and one chapter a week henceforth.
=> If it gets more than 800 upvotes, we'll release 5 chapters immediately and one chapter a week henceforth.
=> If it gets more than 1000 upvotes, we'll release 5 chapters immediately and one chapter every three days henceforth.
=> If it reaches 2000 votes (That'll be so amazing that I'll dance to Unravel first and then come back to check the comment feed 😁), I'll release 10 chapters immediately and proceed to release one chapter every three days till we catch up with the raws... : )

So go on and vote... 😈 ( The channel's name is #polls )

: )
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