Tenki Yohou no Koibito

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3
I'm sorry... It was building up the low-key self-confidence drama so well and then it just suddenly went hyperbolic near the end there XD It could have been dramatic, but it went way too far and became hysterically soap-opera-y instead. Dead parents, a guilt complex (complete with the classic "I'm a murderer" opening-gambit), and now-borderline-supernatural weather-predicting powers, all revealed in two quick pages!

Well, so far this had all actually been much better writing than I was expecting from the cover, so we'll see. Prospective-boyfreind's reaction was perfect, too, almost enough to immediately mollify me. And if it does devolve into cheesy garbage from here, I at least have serious hopes for it being thoroughly enjoyable garbage.