Godly Mobile Game

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Ch. 2 - Showing His Ability
How tf do the delivery guys know he's crippled? Is he radiating cripple ki or something? Is he famous for being crippled? Is everyone an asshole?
Shouldn't be be limping and\or walking with a cane since his LEFT leg is messed up?
But he is walking as if there is nothing wrong. (Last panel his leg is rolled up when it was down the whole time)
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"With the power of the app I can cure my leg! I can recover!
And then.. with the assistance of the mobile game.. I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD!"

He really went 10 to 100 pretty quickly there. :P
Helianthus Collection? Helianthus does mean Sunflower, but it's usually translated as Sunflower Manual.