Release That Witch

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Ch. 121 - Church's Disaster
Well, I'm human, so I judge other people's work from the perspective of what people think is normal. In the way you give, you can explain everything, no matter how far away it will be from human experiences and principles.
I understand that there are people who consider such things to be normal, but decency requires you not to impose your views on others.
Unfortunately on MD many people want to force others to their views.
Other elements are the witch powers themselves, which make no sense, these do not come from parents.
By the way, please don't put anything in my mouth that I haven't written. The plot is not logical, because a mare cannot give birth to Pegasus just as a woman cannot give birth to a new kind: "witch".

You need to make a big old caveat for that statement you just made and that is "on Earth". But it's been explicitly stated that MC isn't on Earth but rather in some other unknown place where magic is real. Like, your point stands if we're talking about the X-Men from Marvel or something - people don't just random "mutate" in the form of suddenly waking up with superpowers, it's ridiculous and unrealistic. But when you add "magic" into the equation suddenly a lot of things that were impossible before become possible. You might think that it's a cop-out to just say "magic did it" but that is literally the in-universe explanation - the world Roland has transmigrated to is operating on different rules where mares can, in fact, birth Pegasi.
Am I the only one is bother by the rethoric spewed in this chapter? " And as for me who has the spirit of a modern person, maintaining my bloodline isn't all that important to me". "Children are entirely separate entity since they cannot pass on ideas or inherit methods( therefore they are not important)." "Altogether this is good news ( its good thing you can have sex without wondering about having kids)". Like wtf is this bullshit? Apparently, the only thing that is important is abstract "concepts" and "knowledge". Curious if anyone here have some sort of family issues since I don't see anyone taking offense to this but me...
@Goldenzeal I don't make any assumptions. These information are public and is not new. You can check it yourself by reading the comments under the novel. I also suggest you read other works from China. They have similar elements regarding the "new human type" or obtaining immortality. I treat them like anime tropes from Japan.

I referred to sterilization because it is the most simple to understand. Other elements are the witch powers themselves, which make no sense, these do not come from parents.
By the way, please don't put anything in my mouth that I haven't written. The plot is not logical, because a mare cannot give birth to Pegasus just as a woman cannot give birth to a new kind: "witch".

If you like this novel, it's good for you. I don't like reading comics, where the main elements are nice drawings and pseudo-scientific gibberish.

Happy reading and best regards
There are species who dont have males at all and are only have females. ( Parthenogenesis )
Sure its abit of a strech to call them a new species and i agree that mutants might be a better word.
But just because there are no male witches dosent mean they can't be a new species is all i wanted to say.


You are making a lot of assumptions there friend.
I agree that the witches are a borderline harem even if only 2 of them actually wants his attention...
Not really sure i would call it a harem if its only 2 people but anyway that's splitting hairs....

And just because you don't like the given reason for them being sterile doesn't make it any less valid.
You could easily have had a harem without the witches being sterile.
Heck even if they were sterile and he had a harem it would have had little impact on the overall story.
As for witches being a better or worse type of humanity that purelly your opinion as you clearly are getting stuck up on the sterile thing.
In truth its mainly there to give the author a reason for the witches to NOT form romantic relationships with other people and make the few that do more.... unique.
I mean it's a fantasy story anyway so you will have to have some suspension of disbelief, just because you don't like the given reasons for it doesn't make it any less logical.
@Goldenzeal Witches are just women and are born from human parents. The problem is that the author wanted to create a harem for the MC, so he "sterilized" them and created nonsense about a "new human type". He didn't predict that his wife would decide what the plot should look like. Unfortunately, chinese authors have a problem with the fact that their better solutions are simply old one with a certain drawback: so witches are defective women who cannot have children.

In other words: the new type of man presented by the author is so great that it is a worse version of a normal man. And this so-called witch magic is strange, the powers of witches look like a children's fairy tale. Where's the sense, where's the logic?
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There are no male witches, so they're not a new species. Just infertile individuals. Maybe mutants.

No i dont think they did.....
But they did mention everything else that was in this chapter.
It might be that magic is toxic somehow, in that chase it might be fixable in the future....
But if becoming a witch really changes you on a genetic level it might be hard to ever have witch babies even with modern tech that is really hard to do.

There is plenty of logic behind it actually....
Its pretty rare for two creatures of different species to have offsprings even in the best chases.

The question comes down to how becoming a witch changes people.
If they change genetically it's perfectly understandable but for the plot purpose the effect is what mathers just like Roland said.
That means if Roland marries a witch then that means he have to get a heir some other way like a concubine/extra wife or adopt.
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That does explain it. Genetic differences between races and species make it so that it's harder for hybrids to be born.

Now, I may not be a hardcore biologist, but witches that can't have children just means their ovaries are in need of additional power.

"Additional Pylons required."
well, that's really more just his first supposition. I'm thinking its more that the magic coursing through them is toxic to being able to conceive. I mean, if they don't use their magic power consistently enough growing up, it causes severe pain and possibly kills them.

Another "new human type" plot shit, eh, and like always no logic.