Yofukashi no Uta

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Vol. 3 Ch. 25 - You thirsty girl
Yeaa these 2 couples gonna have a death battle sooner or later
And they just had to remind me that he’s in middle school and she’s SUPER NOT.

And there’s another set of that.

And drinking blood is sex.


I’m sick of “this would be great if it didn’t get skeezy” manga.

This just snapped me out of ignoring this crap. Bad idea to do that.
Best to just avoid it.

before I go, I thought I’d say:
Manga don’t really suddenly change that way.
It can be frustrating, but Japanese media has, for hundreds of years, been based around melodrama and slight tweaks on themes.

Not often are you gonna have the main character turn out to be gay without that outcome having been broadcast.

Let me put it this way: they separate books by publisher, and all the gay stuff ends up in one area.
Two, actually: BL and Yuri. Those aren’t even realistic at all 90% of the time.
You get a bit of variety in some deep otaku confusing areas that can go from “absolutely adorable” to “eye and mind bleach”.

So don’t get your hopes up.
There are no pointy chins.
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I wanna date Mahiru.
plz dont kill mahiru I really like his character

@itisidio hey nice catch
Considering MC's mask: that must be on page 4?????
Ew lewd
Oh no, Mahiru-san is going to die.
H O L D I N G ! ! !
I've only had Mahiru-kun for 2 chapters now

But if anything happens to him, I will kill everyone in this comment session and then myself
Kou's obvious interest in mahiru and his apparent lack of interest in the opposite sex makes me think this manga might not be going where I thought it was (personally I'd be fine with that twist, but I can't wait for the salt to flow in the comments section)
This is like the calm before the storm
@AWildDUK oh shit! that's how he'll become a vampire! not because he fell in love with Nazuna but because Mahiru get's turned into a vampire and bite him!
N-Nazuna y-you lewd vampire!
Why did no one mark this as NSFW?????

Double ?!

Somehow I feel like mahiru's being used. Well I guess it's a given since she's a vampire, and I can't help feeling bad for him. He's a good guy.
I get the impression shit is about to go down...I mean Akira is definitely concerned not only about Kou, but now that Maihru entered in with a lover, which is also a vampire, she probably is partially concerned that she's going to be alone and the danger everyone is in. Not only that, but if Kou can't become a vampire, there's a solid chance they both will be killed...Not to mention it's implied she has feelings for one or both of them...Oh no...

Thank god I'm not the only one who thought of that@AWildDUK
That got a chuckle. Especially because I read it like how Eustace says "stupid dog" in Courage: The Cowardly Dog. @LavSingh
Close to my thoughts, but I think she's definitely still gonna try to get close to Kou. If he does become a vampire, she's gonna try to fall for him or get him to bite her, not only to save her life but because she does have feelings for him.@Raknasuu
That or a lifeless husk. @Rozzak
He's gonna become a vamp before Kou
Honestly, it most feel really awkward for Akira to have both her best friends seeing someone else at night. And both of the girls are fuckin' vampires (She only knows one of them, tho. And Nazuna is chill. The problem is the other one)

I used to think that Akira liked Kou, but after this i'm not so sure. She went out on the night because she knew both of 'em would be out and she wanted to check on 'em. After all, a lover might try to steal away and keep, but she let's them go. Actually, she seems rather troubled that she can't do anything if they don't want her to.

I agree that Mahiru's sooooooooooooooo dead. So many red flags in this chapter.
@Tamerlane Yes, I hope she's getting bitten and she doesn't get killed before that. Also, she might fall for some other vampire tho. I'm just gotta quote Ratatouille on this "Surprise me"
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They're gonna get sucked dry
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