Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

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Ch. 242
any way we can get this trash off this website
Your translation is mediocre. Your grammar is for 3 years old. This the kind of quality you get from sniping series with 'quantity over quality' kind of mindset.
thanks man.

I don't give a rat's ass about sniping, drama, stealing w/e. we are all pirates here. you pirate faster, you win. those are the scene rules. I don't see why providing shitty webcomics is different.

I just wanna read my campy trash and my thanks to anyone who makes it happen.

"thanks" being an important word here. anyone paying for a pirated game is a stupid fucking tool. donating to a TL group is really no different.
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This is sniping you Pepegas. When a group is already scanning thats doing fine releases and someone starts scanning to without saying anything is called sniping
from what i understand "Snipping" here reffers to someone translating and realeasing chapters of a manga ect. that someone else is already somewhat activly translating so is it snipping yes but if you can release fast and in a good quality then im not gonna complain
I am happy that rogxx has been doing his best for fast release and thank-you for releasing it faster. And I completly understand when you say skyron stopped releasing everyday.

Thanks to skyron as well, I do agree skyron was releasing faster but then recently due to other personal stuffs you're a bit slow.

However, I am happy to read whoever releases faster and I am there to support you.

Chill guys, no1 is snipping no1 and yes, hopefully, you guys talk it out in discord.
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Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into the DES drama lol
@rogxx I've never said that you stole my work, I said you sniped me, and that's what you're doing bruv '-', sniper is someone that starts to translate a comic even if there's already another person doing so, actually I have my reasons to slow the release rate, I have real-life matters to solve, if you had ever joined my server, or tried reading my credit pages, 90% of that misunderstanding could have been solved, even one message would be enough.

I don't want nor have the right to ask you to stop releasing your chapters, actually, I've started just like you... trying to read the comic that I like a bit faster, but seriously man just try to use chat next time

I've tried to message you already but mangadex system isn't working, call me on discord.

Each chapter is usually taking me around 3 hours, and so it's pretty hard to release more than one chapter p/day, last week I'd to go on a trip without any Computer, and so the release rate slowed down even more, but you need to remember that's a hobby of mine, i can't sacrifice my life for faster releases '-', if you had any complain you could've talked with me and said that you want to release your versions too, we can even do a co-joint work, that's how I started! a co-joint work with scarip.

But you know... of course I got mad when someone that never talked with me started to release chapters without paying attention to the quality, as I said before if you had ever contacted me I could even helped you with some things, I'm not talking about your English, I'm not a native too, but you can always improve your page cleaning and your text font and things like that,

Anyway, I'll keep releasing my chapters for now, if you want you can call me on discord.

About donations, you could've read my page about it...

I've never asked for donations nor incentived anyone to do so, actually, I've ALWAYS asked for everyone to donate to the author on the official release.
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Also my starting 2 translation were machine translated from russian which made them not so readable. But now I'm using original Chinese raw which has improved the quality a lot
@lazyman it's because of proofreader otherwise his release are not necessarily good (check his starting translations) and I don't have any problem with that but using terms like stealing his work....
Dude its good that you are uploading faster than others and people are eager to know what will happen next but don't make us pay the price of reading i won't say trash but 'NOT GOOD' or something like that type of translations, i compared your Chp. 238 with skyfallscans tbh i liked his better. So take your time don't upload 2-3 translations a day but 1 is fine, just do it better.

edit: ps @skyron should not have said that you were sniping him.
Are the machine translation that painful to read? People saying that in previous chapters.
I don’t see a difference honestly.
Or like in a machine, a tough part just moves stress and damage to weaker parts. That body armor could be used as a weapon against the wearer just by striking it, like how a bulletproof vest doesn't prevent you from getting broken ribs.
If the outfit can take the hit, then hit a place where the outfit isn't. Like the head. Why bother going through protective gear, when it only covers such a small area?