Kenja no Mago

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Vol. 12 Ch. 39
Pope, the holder of the highest position in the world? Nah!
Shin's Grandma is the true queen of the world and that's a fact.
This was too funny. My rating for this manga just raised from 7.5 to an 8.5 just because of this chapter alone. XD
My "normal" isekai fantasy common sense, out the window it goes ugu...

Well man oh man, it's clear who's on the top of the food chain here isn't?
Anyone else thinking that Shin's cute, well-behaved little girlfriend is going to end up just like Guru?
Though judging by their reaction to Merlin, I wonder what he was like when they were a party.
omg that bitch pope who couldn't stop the smug oozing from her face got her head smacked by grandma. this is why I still read this shite.
what the hell is happening in here
@Rugid - Oh such sweet hypocrisy. Looks like you even lack the self-awareness to follow your own advice, while simultaneously throwing out cute old-ass internet buzzwords in attempt to deflect and keep a small amount of dignity.
It's not a 'scuffle', it's just you being a goofy asshole because you thought there was a snipe happening and you have so little going on in life you wanted to hop in to save them... like a... damsel... wait a sec...

Since you like to give out unwanted advice, allow me to share what you could have done if you were actually concerned, by using your own:
How about contacting them and offer your help with it

We're all still waiting for you to tell us where these naked eye artifacts are, by the way.
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@Ghajik We don't compress any of the chapters on the site, the 100mb limit is an entirely unrelated constraint.
You shouldn't talk about things you don't even understand and scuffle to defend people like they some damsel in distress who can't do shit and you're a shining white knight on shining white horse. Just read along.
epic chapter also sorry im 70th comment :D
@Rugid - First, go read the very last page of the last Biamam release; they dropped the series. You were just a bit too busy with your head up your ass to notice. It happens.
Second, stop roleplaying weird nerdy scenarios in your head about what they did, or didn't do, to support an argument that you began out of ignorance. If you look you'll notice literally no one else complaining about the quality here; so stop acting like you're the victim of some sort of hate crime.

By the way, it's spelled: "sniped" -- since we're whining about petty shit. "Snipped" is what they should do to your balls, so you don't breed.

Edit: Thanks for the release, btw.
Well, ok. Pope got punched.
This is one of the definition of FUN
I did not expect that.
Well we know who stands above god now
This issue was bloody HILARIOUS.

As well, I haven't had a good laugh like this all month.

Good quality scan, thanks for the upload!
oh man i havent laughed so much in this series before.

Melinda is the worlds godmother.
The only person who can chew the living hell out of all the worlds leaders, Merlin, and shin included, and they will sit there taking it without batting an eye.

LMAO if he gated in that situation, they will say that is the gateway to heaven and he would only be digging himself a deeper grave.

Technically i think GATE is supposed to be a national secret.
Its too majorly OP, you can bring Army's across any defense, and take it over like a trojan horse.
Ok, did not expect that chapter to end like that ๐Ÿคฃ
@GridLite It's the setting they went with cause people like 'oblivious heroes'(in japan) so they actually decided that there's an excuse, with his grandparents having kept him isolated from the world till like a year ago. So there's just a lot of stuff he doesn't know, and he pretty much is a child when it comes to society.

@Rugid Shut up man, you're just wrong about stuff. They already talked with Biamam scans for one. How do you think they came to an agreement without talking to them. And the quality of the scans is just fine, it's actually really sharp, yeah it's a jpg, but that means nothing when we're dealing with black and white images. I see no artifacts either, point them out, cause I think what you're talking about is the toner lines. You just want to bitch and complain for some reason, but I don't see you translating the series so shut up.
OMFG, THAT ENDING....I just bust my gut starting when the pope was bonked, and didn't stop till I started typing this comment.....I'M STILL SMILING
Well, you asked for corrections to grammar, so here's one for you: On page 56, it should be "effect", not "affect". That mistake is made FAR too often, not just by "scanlation groups". It is along the same lines as switching "rouge" and "rogue".

I suggest looking up both terms in a dictionary to tell the difference.
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