Embalming -The Another Tale of Frankenstein-

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Vol. 8 Ch. 44 - DEAD BODY and RESTART
Sorry for the late reply as well. I asked the group leader and because we are behind on ts, pr, rd, cl, and qc for emba, we decided to drop the translation of the volume extras to make everyone's lives easier.
we recently suffered a full wipe of our file system and lost a whole lot of work, including unreleased chapters, tls, rds, etc. so we are just trying to push the main content out at this point.
thank you for your offer and for your understanding!
edited because i forgot to @ you.
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@Gokufighther Pardon the late comment on this, but I had a proposal. Since the volume extras and afterwords haven't been translated, would you like me to help with that? I can actually get it done fairly fast because I have the official Italian translation to compare with.

Thank you for your continued efforts!