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Ch. 9 - Trap
@Tersione you didn't have to literally murder him with words. what's worse is that you're right damn
@sinkingship A regular reasonable person would have a number of different reactions, and his denial that his friend sold them out is very much one of them. Other realistic reactions include freezing up or panicking in despair or horror at what he had done. Some would immediately jump to anger and start yelling at him or something.

What were you expecting? The protagonist just goes all silent mode and gives Ah Liang a death glare before saying the exact right words to get him to hesitate or stop completely before tearing through his binds and kicking his ass?

There has been zero indication so far that the protagonist is anything but a regular dude if you ignore that he most definitely has powers that have yet to awaken. He was never said to be some ex-military/cop dude who can perfectly assess the situation in complete calm. Even those people would be hard-pressed to figure out something useful to do here.

He literally can't do anything else besides talk. Sure, he can try to appeal to his sense of conscience or how his daughter would feel (even if he's most definitely doing this for her sake), or bullshit his way, but what would that accomplish?

Basically, this is such a minor thing to mock the protagonist for. All he did was keep talking to a guy he thought was his friend.
eh I was just referring to how he seems completely unable to accept the betrayal of his "friend" and how it totally paralyzes him at a critical moment.

I feel like a reasonable person would have realized Ah Liang was not on team-good-guy the second they saw him just sort of casually standing around and talking to the people who were actively threatening to murder them.

Maybe there will be some dramatic reversal coming next chapter that will reveal that the friend guy isn't evil but even if that's the case I still really wish we had a MC who would do something other than ineffectually wailing the name of his killer while he's being literally fed to the dogs.
@sinkingship I don't know what you mean. He can't really do much of anything unless he gets powers or something. How was he supposed to know his friend was leading them into a trap? He was smart enough to hide the important stuff and proceed to barter with them for information. It's just that they're in such a tough spot that he had to let go of such a card almost immediately unless he was okay with the lady dying or being tortured to death.

But if you were referring to how he didn't even try to hide when he got the briefcase before he started inspecting it, I wholeheartedly agree.
MC is not the brightest bulb eh?