Break Blade

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Vol. 11 Ch. 57 - One of Two Choices
@Raydnt You don't need to add such clauses to your posts. We all know you love my comments, but like a real tsundere, you need to come up with an excuse explaining it's for totally neutral reasons that you pay such attention to them.
Missing the point once again.
The main reason for Rygarts firing is because of the mental stress of being a soldier is too much for him.
Hodr probably put this into action because he cares about Rygart's well being.
Theres also the issue of Delphine being too broken down to be of use in battle.
Narvi isnt bothered by that sort of petty criticism.
"Without consulting her officially"?
There was a whole conference with Hodr, general Bard, general Sakura, and Narvi herself about Rygart last chapter.
You missed it, no surprise. Probably because there wasnt any text just panels so you skipped right over it.

If you're wondering why im responding to all your replies, its because I dont want anyone else reading this to look at your comments and get the wrong idea about the story.
An interesting chapter. Narvi's emotional state was the best part of it. She's clearly disturbed by Rygart's dismissal. Although the dude was seen off by the king and a general, you could still see it as quite cold. Just before he was the hero, after all, but now when his golem was scrapped, he was suddenly nothing, just a burden, and people wanted to get rid of him. It means nobody, at least offically and at large, saw any value in him as a person or a professional, aside from his past achievements in the war. I reckon Narvi had a problem with this since he was her subordinate. Although you could never call their personal, or professional, relationship as splendid, dismissing him is still a form of criticism toward her and her unit. It won't make the situation any easier for her that she could view her own earlier words as having some weight in the matter. It's like she told someone, off the record, that the hero of her unit has no future prospects, and then in the following days she finds out he's kicked out, without consulting her officially.

Other than that, it really seems like Athens is, as expected, readying itself for another war, while Krishna, as expected, now believes everything is fine in the foreseeable future.
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