The Immortal Doctor

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Ch. 0 - prologue
Thanks for the chapter!
Poor MC, now has an old man living inside his head telling him what to do all the time, invading his privacy, diagnosing people and rattling off prescriptions at rapid speed overwhelming MC's mind until it'll collapse allowing the old man to take over and enjoy his second chance at youth! All while raking in money except for a few from enemy families that he uses his skills as a poisoner to kill but it's their families fault for creating a blood debt for them to pay off. Ok, enough of the serious tomfoolery. Sounds like an interesting series although I hope MC keeps his sense of self and the old man a respectful tenant. Granted old man's advice is on target but is MC's life and should live it way he wants. Also, a few of those recipes or miracle cures are going to attract high ranked attention and trouble from those wanting to cash in, control him, or feel that because of such and such said recipe is their or their family's possession and demand x.