I Was Trash

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Ch. 104 - Urgent Mission
Ignoring all the other nonsense in this chapter, Don't you have a cellphone? can't you at least call to let them know instead of letting other people who they don't even know do it.
....? Really? They don't search people? I'd maybe say REASONABLE if he pulled it out of his ass wrapped in plastic.

Honestly didn't chapter 1 say this guy was an immortal? Why it seem like he has shit skills shit ruthlessness shit IQ AND shit umm everything besides his borrowed face.
Man, it kind of feels like the author came up with mutants just to explain away abilities that aren't immediately in the category of martial arts or chinese medicine. Feels like a total copout, and I'm honestly kind of close to unsubscribing at this point.

I mean the swedish police is and allways have been pretty good all things considered.
If you think they are bad you are either:
1 trolling.
2 uninformed and talking about stuff you have no idea about.
3 stupid.
They have been understaffed lately thought.
don't insult the police force just because you find it funny, do it because you have an actual problem with it...
Like for example police brutality that happens every now and then in America because of racism and/or silly mistakes that could have easily been avoided.
Thank you.
Could these police at least attempt to be somewhat competent? Also, MC, stop being such a little wuss and just kill your enemies. That way you won't have to constantly be saved by other people just because you're that much of a trash who can't even take care of his own problems. As evident from the several times in the past few chapters where he almost died because he's a little bitch who doesn't take care of things when he should.
Police: as useless in novels as in reality

P.s. i'm swedish
what?! just when he starts banging Bing Yun every night this geezer sends him away?!