Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

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Vol. 2 Ch. 9 - Senpai, You're Too Easy
@KazumaLee94 rather than senpai having no confidence, i think it was more on nagatoro overteasing senpai. If you make every action you do as a joke then even your real feelings would also look like a joke...
i see this has a lot of chapters so im hoping he mans up one day. His growth is happening pretty slow but its okay if it's not dragged on TOO long
and also even his dreams are isekai trash
This chapter may seem out of place in the grand scheme of things at first, but it does have a purpose to the story. At this point in the manga, Senpai is picking up on certain aspects of his interactions with Nagatoro; The fact that she always hangs out with him. She doesn't act around other boys (from chapter 6) the same way she acts around him. She kissed Senpai on the cheek in chapter 8.

Most people at this point would assume that there's some type of romantic tension based on those past events. However, as this dream shows, Senpai lacks self confidence. He thinks he's "cowardly", "unsure", "wriggly", "gross", and "a small fry" so he doesn't feel like he's worthy of being in a romantic relationship with Nagatoro, despite the fact that he (and possibly the real Nagatoro) clearly wants that, and that upsets him.

This dream sequence is here to explain the readers why Senpai won't make a move on Nagatoro, for the time being, without having the character outright explain it to the readers.
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