Sen no Sukiru o Motsu Otoko

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Vol. 1 Ch. 11
Thought of the same person as well but when you really think about it, he looks like a taller version of Rumpelstiltkin
By creating a business that sells resources, such as market gardening.
You created and invested legally (a bank loan) and a party of undeclared money.
After you buy yourself imaginary resources with money from the other world and voila you paid taxes and have a fixed income, it is even possible to buy what will be sold in the other world with the business money

But it is also possible to do without the bank loan, you start slowly, for example making a microgreens production
I'm talking about market gardening, but it could be a restaurant, a laundromat, car wash, sell its services or resources in a way that is difficult to assess the actual amount of sale
in short it's money laundering.

it also works in reverse, you declare less sale to pay less tax and the money you spend it to make discreet purchases (food, fuel, book)
In my country there is the term "travail au noir/black"(black work) is when you sell your services or resources without declaration and that small companies do it a lot, but also individuals, you can sublet your apartment without declaration , even an apartment you rent.
You can sell firewood without declaring it, or even worse, wood that you are not allowed to sell, because you have signed a contract which says that it is for your personal consumption.
Honestly the count's art isn't horrible, it's more like the art style looks completely out of place when everyone else (guys and girls) are samefaces...

(Well, his head is way too big in the portrait, but maybe that was intentional)

@Gauvain I meant in Japan. Because they plan to take money home, don't they? You can't just get large amount of money and not pay tax for it without tax office getting interested in you. Or are they planning to stay low entire life?
@Gauvain I am referring to when he gave the 100 yen chocolates to the noble girl and the commoner girl and her siblings a few chapters back. They mentioned that chocolate was super expensive here and would be worth alot where as for him it was just like 100 yen. I am not saying the other stuff he has wont sell well but just the profit margin on the chocolate alone would be huge.
Taxes are paid at the entrance to the city, borders, bridge, ..., and by local businesses, the rest is difficult to determine
and I doubt that it has to do with the price of resources
how to force someone to declare a purchase or a sale, the information is difficult to have
it's hard to know how much money a person has, how much he has spent and how much he has earned

In the middle ages there were taxes on salt, on the use of the mill, on the use of the bread oven and surely others
these resources were controlled and monitored
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I wonder how they are planning to avoid attention from tax office if they will make much money?
I think he was only talking about the price of the knives and their benefits.
If I understood correctly he bought for 3000 yen of knives, so 30 knives
60 000 / 30 = 2 000 per knife
60 000 - (30 x 100 yen) = 57 000
or he bought a knife for 3,000 yen and intends to sell it for 60,000, it's not very clear
plural, singular, price, what corresponds to what, quantity, I wonder if the translator understood himself

he also has 3 soaps and chocolate"s" and look like there are glasses
Personally i think he talks a lot about knives, but that isn’t really the most valuable thing
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@Gauvain yes i do believe its 1:1 but at the same time a simple 100 yen store chocolate is worth like 60k marks so its still a significant profit margin.
Count looks gay
The art is usually bad but damn does that Count look like shit.
It's getting harder and harder to keep reading the more characters they draw like that.
on the other hand a small detail.
100 yen = 100 from the other world.

In general the systems in these parallel worlds is 1 piece of copper = 100 yen
1 silver coin = 100 copper coins = 10,000 yen
1 gold coin = 100 silver coins = 1,000,000 yen

if it is the case it is really very advantageous to use the "cash converter", because a gold coin would be worth 220 grams of gold, while a coin is much lighter
no memories, I’ve been reading it from the start it’s far away and I read a lot
It's crazy how they thought of everything to facilitate personal enrichment !

a yes chapter 2 "cash converter"
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"harder to sell ingots" ingots are not that complicated to sell, it's simple to buy them why it would be hard to sell them
The problem is the quantity
The simplest is still to legalize it from the start with a company where it is difficult to verify the exchange of money.
or sell outright to a gold exporter in a country where no one asks where the gold comes from

"but you might be able to sell the coins for more than the gold is worth." I doubt it, or sold as an art piece
But in this case there should be demand and to create demand on something that has no history behind
Jewelry would be easier to sell than coins, but in this case you will be suspected of being a thief
is... everyone forgetting that there is a currency exchanger in the waiting room? they put marks in and get yen. there is no need to try to sell coins or such. they are just making pure profit.
That three same face in one panel look is hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚
@Gauvain harder to sell ingots, people ask questions, people gonna ask questions anyway, but you might be able to sell the coins for more than the gold is worth.
@tigerstar186 I like the friend more than our cuck MC
Yes it could be interesting, must see which is the cheapest.
And personally I would not bother with the first processing of gold, I would take ingots that I would rework with modern equipment
In all cases it will require the support of a nobleman, because only the nobles have the authorization to mine, or have an illegal mine, but it is not very discreet.
In addition, the nobleman must agree to be paid with merchandise against his ingots.
Can the obnoxious friend die soon? Please?
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