Komyushou VS Yuri

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Ch. 41 - Street musician
Succubus powers activate
I shouldn't have to check the comments to understand what something means; please consider having better standards for your translation.
The problem would be at every step of the way our protagonist would be second guessing if this is just a natural step of the relationship or if delinquent girl has just finally lost it.
Ooh, the presence of the headphone girl make this more interesting. Now, we can see her reacting to all those craziness.
Quick reminder that there is a backstory to MC. One of the earlier chapters, but she basically had her feelings hurt by another girl stating they shouldn't be friends anymore. I'm willing to bet its just a misunderstanding, but I would still like to see that character return.
Toss a coin to the bewitcher.
@Serenata: I think she's not so much fighting it but rather her jaded/lazy personality makes her mind unusually resistant to simply being overwhelmed by the evident attraction to MC that she has, unlike literally every other girl in this series. I wouldn't be surprised if, in the event this comic actually concludes, she and MC would become a couple after the latter realizes that the girl is actually attracted to her but has the mental resilience to stay sane and reasonable in her presence.
Somebody noticing how unnatural this is is a blessing.
I seriously almost dropped this since every chapter is literally the same exact thing with a different person each time.
It was becoming bland and Yuri can only make it go so far to fans of the genre...

Edit: @Granitefish
It was chapter 25 actually.
Also her left eye was covered.
But that is a seriously nice catch, I didn't even notice the small heart in her left eye until you pointed it out.
This actually shows subplot that shows something other than: New Girl hits on MC/ Proposes to MC every chapter.
Somebody is resistant to whatever bull that is making things this way.
Thanks for pointing it out or I wouldn't have even noticed...
"The courage to give money"
huh... I wouldn't think of it that way.

@Granitefish so she's fighting it somehow? the yuri? XP

Well I'm glad to see her around, looks like she's the only one who can actually give this series a push forward.
Going to note here that throughout the past few chapters, Troubled Students Right eye has been covered. This is the same eye that in chapter 25 had a heart in it while her left eye did not.

Re-edit: in chapter 25
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Finally someone is actually witnessing her yuri magnet powers. I'm really curious to see where this is headed now.