JK to Sutego no Akachan

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Vol. 3 Ch. 14 - Chapter 14
Note, the ironic beauty is that she's not telling a lie.
Okay, but still don't let her take the baby... well I guess there's not much Momoka could do to stop her.
So this chapter confirms that the asshole teacher was molested as a child. It's certainly not unheard of for victims to become abusers. It also helps explain his disdain of women.

we saw that she was about to kill herself right before that scumbag teacher came into her life, so its a no brainer that she cares about him more than anyone else (except her kid).

Saw the teacher tells her: just tell this lie and get the baby back, people won't talk about you having sex with someone (since everyone will believe she got raped), and we 3 can live together happily.

Its obvious she'll believe him.

So no, I wouldn't label her a scum for this chapter, just a victim
To me the creepiest part is the "certain man's record" at the moment.

And very curious how this will go on, I understand that this is the perfect story for glasses girl to take the baby back, without the dad being revealed, but when he set her up to this he said she could be a mother this way... there's no way he's gonna play family with her.

Dunno man, until now she was a victim, she even wanted to go the police, i could feel bad for her until that point, but this? No, she's as bad as the teacher.
People really give glassess girl hell for this?????

When will you guys understand that she's a victim here too

Haha, I was just making a dumb reference to Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi.
@Hijinx Which Hack writer? And his/her series? because I like to read those twist/bait-and-switch turns lol
Unlike a certain hack director, this manga has perfectly subverted my expectations.

Gyaru? Kind, caring mother figure who aspires to be a nurse.

Studious girl? Scumbag (I really don’t want her to be).

Affable teacher? Scumbag.

Strict teacher? Harsh, but overall decent guy.
She's just as much of a scumbag as the teacher.