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Vol. 1 Ch. 2 - Four Women
Thank you so much for the scanlation!! I love Yumi Tamura a ton, so this was a wonderful Christmas gift. I think this is going to be one of those manga short stories that sticks with me. I particularly liked the imagery of a wasp coming out of the pregnant stepmother's belly, that was kind gross, I love it. A story like this, about a man who had a lot of cruelty done to him, and is cruel himself (I don't think him being abused by his father is excuse enough for him, as a young kid, to kill his stepmother in cold blood because she betrayed him (well she betrayed his father, who he hated, even more so) & disgusted him - I think he seems like a cruel person by nature, even if he was also made cruel), from the perspective of a woman who loves him unconditionally, really hurts my soul.

I've always loved unconditional loyalty as a theme in stories, especially when the recipient of someone's unconditional loyalty doesn't really deserve it, like here where the tycoon - because of his sordid history, doubts the servant despite a lifetime of evidence that she's been nothing but loyal, & only realises what he's done a little too late. It's just something that really appeals to me personally. I really liked the like, neatness, of the tycoon/young master rising because of, & not in spite of the attempts to cut him down - like my fave touch in the story was that he stole his own ransom money to fund his business. I giggled a little at that.
Aww, this one was pretty sad.