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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Bomba!
This was fantastic!! I've never read Tezuka before now because I didn't see the appeal - compared to other retro mangaka who I'd been told were more 'sophisticated', but now, like I Get It. I was told that Tezuka's panel layouts pale in comparison to his contemporaries by the time the 1970s rolled around, but I still felt they were pretty neat. Also I really loved all the massively exaggerated facial expressions, they normally bug me (a little) in older manga, but they worked for me here. I'm just filled with such a love of manga rn, like it feels like in no other medium would you expect to see something wild like a story about a fucked up ghost horse with human eyes that kills people - and only in manga would that premise being executed well be likely. Reading this as a short story wouldn't have half the appeal.

Thanks, scanlators!! I'm really glad I got to read this.
Typos on page 4: The name "Bomba" is wrongly written all times as "Bamba" in this page.
Typo on page 26: "... he wrote is just too dispicable" >> "... he wrote is just too despicable"
Minor rephrasing on page 5: "to let captain be killed..." >> "to let the captain be killed..."