Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu

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Vol. 4 Ch. 14.3 - Ladies’ Day Part 3
@themanj Since my comment above I've found another webtoon with the same problem! Come on, 2 mins on youtube searching ballroom dance would solve the problem! If I can research about Japanese history for my story, then surely it's not much to ask!!! ARRGGHGHGHGG
And don't even get me started on handshakes.
Ahem. The culture in this story (and all the others where this happened) is based on European culture, even if it's a fantasy country 😭

My condolences. Honestly, I try not to write about guns because I hardly know anything about them, just from what I've seen from crime TV series, which might or might not be correct. My point is (other than screaming out of frustration) is that if you don't know about something, then either don't include it in your story, or do your homework and research!
And just imagine, how many artists and editors has this gone through and no one said anything. It's so sad 😶
i feel you as a gun guy(legally im a collector but hey) it hurts when you see something you're into being done wrong incorrectly repeatedly
then again id chalk it up to different culture so switched positions...
*is crying because even though finally the man's hand is in an appropriate place - the shoulder blade - they were supposed be doing it the other way! woman's left hand in man's right hand and woman's right hand on his shoulder and man's left hand on her shoulder blade. IT'S ALL WRONG AGAIN. DAMN IT WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR MANGAKAS AND WEBTOON ARTISTS TO RESEARCH DANCE STANCES AND HANDSHAKES*
*goes back to crying*
Even the dance instructor did it wrong! *cries*
What are the chances she would be breakdancing at the ball?
eeep I like that their first dance isn't at a ball or something. This feels so much more intimate.
Moving my comment to chapter 14.4