Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

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Ch. 47 - Scheming Princess
look as a gun person and a person who like fiddling with guns(I've repaired multiple tt-33s and numerous bolt action rifles of my friends) it is super difficult to make a repeating firearm from scratch
a single shot handheld cannon? much simpler all you need to do is make propellant a way to ignite the propellant and a container for the propellant with a thing in the front
id assume their design is straight blowback because any other design seems quite hard to fit in a pistol with their technology
without modern industry, it means they have to custom make every single gun and that's gonna be hella expensive (labor and materials)
the gun would also be quite dangerous as they are prone to exploding... due to the fact its straight blowback and they probably don't have the best materials
they also don't know how to make rifling and it has a short ass barrel so that shits gonna be hella inaccurate with fairly low muzzle velocities
ok so that's the guns issue
-propellant time(ignore if they use magic)
unless they use magic as the propellant they will have to use black powder because most modern gunpowders are just too complex
they also face the issue of contamination since I don't think they can get materials pure enough for it nor do they know the ratios for them this has the issue of smoke, soot, and unreliability which means its gonna be inconsistent in terms of power and its fairly corrosive to steel and it would weaken or break the gun over time if not properly maintained
great now you have a gun and propellant
-cartridge/bullet time
ok so now a projectile ima keep it simple... just a lead ball nothing on top why bother? steel ammo would damage the barrel and so would iron balls are easy to make and have decent flight characteristics
spitzer heads would just tumble also its just a pistol
casings are the really hard part because they need a way to ignite the powder... they don't have percussion caps as far as i know and i don't know how to make them so that's that
for case it's even harder
it has to be strong so it can take the explosion without expanding too much or else it will get stuck in the chamber and it should be cheap since you will probably make a lot of it and if ammo cost too much and you dont have enough ammo then the guns would be useless
also since the guns are all custom there is a good chance some will explode or jam because the rounds don't fix exactly
(edit) the quarantine is boring as hell and i guess i happned to write a small essay on why guns wont work in an isekai
I got a gun
No girls
Girls gotta die

Wake up with the heueuhhh
I can I can't
The bitch is already working on guns so the only problem now is how long will it be till Makoto finds out about them and deletes (or attempts to) them from existence and how effective would that be cuz people may already be too aware of it by then and everything would be plunged into hell if it starts getting mass-produced

Only problem is how slow this one is...
Thnx for the Translation!!
This truly is that bitch goddess's world. Her beloved races (humans) adhering to her sense of outer beauty while being just as rotten on the inside. This princess truly reflects that.
@valconus Spider make water fog field and lazer is now useless with optical law. Magic steroid is the best choice. Or use antimatter or proton gun. Always use the energy compression tech first like oil is superior to coal. So if you can compress mana like the one chunni who go nuke it's better.
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Okay, lets say an isekai dude makes a laser. It's a laser. Its wavefront moves at the limit of causality. No future-reading precog shenanigans here. Now, how many joules would it take to kill a level 1500 spider? Which would be cheaper, dispersing magic steroids to your troops, or perhaps dispersing magic batteries to your laser main battle tank armored core division?
@eminyan I would say guns and gunpowder in general have more of an advantage over magic, for example using magic tires youquikcly while also taking a whole day for you to recharge. While guns have none of these disadvantages.
Entire comment train talking about possibility of guns when

So don't worry about guns. It won't matter in the story at least up until the story is left hanging.
If we could change MC to someone else, I'm sure this story will be the best seller.
i mean they have magic so i dont think they would be so invested in guns?
like they can lowkey just use magic projectiles or i guess if you can't learn magic then use a gun with a magic stone or smthg
Metallurgy, the mixing/corning of the powder and the fine machining (having a set standard of measure for length and weight would be important for any form of mass production) for anything beyond a musket would be the difficult parts. David Weber wrote a series of books called "Safehold" that are about taking a ~ 1100AD world (Age of galleys/Dawn of sail) and modernizing it all the while fighting the first world war. Said series goes quite a bit into the development of firearms.
@Trov Flintlocks would certainly be relatively easy to make, but i actually think that you're greatly underestimating how difficult any other form of gun would be, especially on any kind of scale whatsoever. While I don't doubt that a revolver could be made after a lot of trial and error, it would be impossible to make more than a handful in this world.

Revolvers, gatling guns, and lever actions didn't become common in our own world until the mid 1800s, because they require mass production equipment and very finely calibrated tools. TIny problems in their machining, impossible to correct with just blacksmithing, would mean that the timing would be off and the whole thing would either never work or break in a short period of time. Even if a magician or craftsman ironed out all of the issues in one model, they would have to repeat the whole process on the next one. Calibration and machining took centuries of hard work by some very intelligent men that have mostly been forgotten by the people of our world because its results are so commonplace now.

A magic gun that just launched a projectile at the pull of a trigger could be easily handwaved into existence, although the author would have to be clear whether it took a magician to run.
@Trov my boi or gal you if there were upvotes I would give you one
Guns are not hard to make. Too many people make this mistake when thinking about the difficulty of introducing guns into a fantasy world with magic.
First off, what defines a gun?
A gun is a ranged weapon typically designed to pneumatically discharge solid projectiles[1] but can also be liquid (as in water guns/cannons and projected water disruptors) or even charged particles (as in a plasma gun) and may be free-flying (as with bullets and artillery shells) or tethered (as with Taser guns, spearguns and harpoon guns).
In other words, So long as it discharges a projectile, it passes. Normally, it would be a solid lump of metal, like lead. But then you have concepts like shooting out lasers, water, or energy itself.
There is little need to be exact to any of the guns we have here. Which leads to the second point.

Second, what type of gun are you making?
Jumping off the first point. there are many different types of guns that employ different systems to get the same effect. You have the matchlock, Musket, Lever Action, Bolt Action, Shotgun, pistol, revolver, etc. All those guns vary in multiple ways, like the ammo they use, how they propel said ammo, how the effect is triggered, etc. Point is, you aren't limited to just one way, or any of the ways previously employed.
A simple single action revolver can be made rather easily as all you really need is to make the barrel, the hammer, the trigger, handle, and the cylinder. Then connect them so the when the hammer is cocked the trigger can be pulled, releasing said hammer with enough force to cause the ammo to ignite and the bullet to go through the barrel. There's bound to be some trial and error along the way, but since the concept is simple, it won't take long at all to gain the right effect.
Now, bullets, on the other hand, can be a hassle. The modern ammunition is actually far more complicated than most guns. As the cartridge is made up of a bullet(Projectile), the case(holds everything together), propellant(What propels the bullet), rim(helps hold the case in place and can help eject it), and primer(Ignites the propellent).
The bullet, nor the case is all that difficult. However, most people don't know about the rim, but depending on the design of the gun may not even be needed. the primer may take some trial and error, but not too difficult either.
However the propellant will definitely be the biggest issue, as most people will not know the correct ratio for making the gunpowder.

Thought all of the above is absolutely meaningless when you have something as convenient as magic. Propellant? Why the need for gunpowder? Why stick so faithfully to the designs from a world without magic? Substitute certain parts of a bullet with magic powder or so. Or hell, just make the bullet itself a condensed form of magic power. And this brings me to the third point...

Third, Mother fucking magic. Magic is a wonderful little variable that completely negates they very idea of difficulty in making a gun. Depending on the laws of the world, physics, and magic. Making a gun can be absolutely trivial. Need materials? uses earth magic! Need to ignite propellant? Fire or Electric magic! Hell, you may not even need to use gunpowder, just use powdered magic stones! Or make a something entirely different from modern guns, like a magic gun that fires of magic. The basic concept can be utterly simple and easy.

In the end, there are way too many factors to consider to even bother refuting the idea that making a gun is difficult or easy. Especially since the very type of gun can easily change the difficulty and there is no need to even be trapped in one or any type of gun. So long as its a ranged weapon typically pneumatically discharges solid(But not limited to it) projectiles. It's a gun. Though whether it'll be effective or even worth the effect is another debate entirely.
@Tearsax Did you tag with the wrong name or something? I never said she isn't evil. I even discarded the evil or not thing all together.
@speedysam0 Thats Azuma in the dream the president of the archery club, the one that got summoned as a hero is Hibiki(she has longer hair) who is the president of the student council. Hope that helps.

@hikufalafel Lily is not a mastermind but a simple mad(wo)man that wants to torch the world as revenge on the goddess.
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