Potion Danomi de Ikinobimasu!

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Vol. 5 Ch. 29.1 - Multiplying... Hey, that's not true!
Anyone want to fetch this manga??? T_T
"Bonk" Hahahaha. That was going to happen sooner or later :)
The Law in that town is shady.
Why would the god make it so she could not make changes to her body?
@Loli_Omamoritai that's a shame considering how I loved Potionloli so much more than Averageloli.
@mahtan She can do color changes but she can't change her body type because the goddess reverts it.

The problem in this manga is that Kaoru is not failing as a tactician (though she is not nearly as successful as a strategist) despite what would actually be incompetence.

If the author of the original novel is as good as you say, then I would infer that either the adaptation is unfaithful or the the author matured a great deal after writing that novel.
I agree, a tactician Kaoru will fail hard. She is an Idiot after all.

FUNA sensei mentions that "Potion" and "80,000 gold coins" are just her test-writing (first work) for her favorite "Average Abilities"
There are so many holes in it.
She is really surprised when there are even artists want to make the manga out of it.
She even dropped "Potion" and "80,000 gold coins" for months to write "Average Abilities" before restarting them.

As for now, her schedule is 2 "Average Abilities", 1 "Potion" and 1 "80,000 gold coins" per week.

I can feel the deep of planning in "Average Abilities" like a piece of small information in chapter 1 was used at chapter 120.
But for "Potion" and 1 "80,000 gold coins" are just like "play it by ear" or "going with the flow". But it's fun to see "who with power" got crushed.

Sorry, I was getting angry when you kind of, uhm... insulting FUNA sensei.
She isn't that clueless.
Believe me, I translate/read all her works, she knows a lot of things.
HOW I HATE her for making me search google for science knowledge, military, etc. to translate "Average Abilities" series.

I don't really like "Potion" series that much but because I'm a BIG FAN of Tales of series, I want to vent my anger in this series as much as Kaoru.
Just like I'm a BIG FAN of "reincarnation as a villainess trope", I want to see the prince, heroine get suffering, etc.

Uhm... information from the novel. Celes' inner thought when she made Kaoru's body.
Celes MAKES SURE that Kaoru's breast won't change no matter what.
Celes thought (back then) that Kaoru will be happy about it. Not having shoulder ache, extra baggage, meat, etc.
Looking at the comments sections many of us put more thought into this, than the author did...

If you're going to try to play the “No, you!” game, at least use the right parts of speech. The word “impotence” is not an adjective.

And I didn't accuse the author of wanting to do what the main character did; I accused the author of incompetently pontificating. Most of this story is the dialogue and internal monologue of the main character, and that discourse is like a fricking series of lectures. Further, in this story, the main character is supposed to be a clever tactician, regardless of what we think of her objectives. Her analysis is based upon her previous life in our world or something like our world; that is to say that she's supposedly applying an understanding based upon something like human universals. But in our world, tactics such as hers would fail a very large share of the time. There are many ways that people can and often do react that would be disastrous for the character's designs.
@Loli_Omamoritai Yet she can change her eye and hair colour. Eye colour is pretty intrinsic, though mine did change colour as I aged from blue to a mix of blue grey and green. If she can change eye colour I don't see why she couldn't increase her breast size considering breasts change due to pregnancy unless Celes didn't create her a body that allows for pregnancy. I only remember mention that she will remain 15 forever. She could easily make a potion to tell her body to do different things that are within the realm of normal human autonomy and then some.
Just asking but can't she use a potion to change her looks like she did for Ceres?
@Loli_Omamoritai I don't know about the WN but that was basically what it came down to in the LN, maybe paraphrased a bit.
Did you really read the novel at all? You spread the wrong information here.

Kaoru's body is pure Celes' power. It's the hardware. Kaoru's 15-year-old body can't be changed. (Same goes for another 2 victims later)
Potion is just software, you can change windows XP to win10 but it won't make your crap PC with

Core i3 to Core i9-9920X.
Ram 1GB to Kingston Technology HyperX Predator Black 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM XMP Desktop Memory HX432C16PB3K2
Graphic Card to AMD Radeon RX 5700.

Something like that.

I'm not sure that you know more about real-world then FUNA sensei, but your comment alone shows how "impotence" no, how "adolescent" you are.

FUNA writes this series, simply only to crush the "Church" and "Noble" to vent her anger (maybe by playing Tales of series Bandai Namco)

Have you ever felt angry at someone or something?
If you write something on the internet like "I will kill you/him/it etc.", will that make you a "horrible murderer"?
Celes got angry, so tender. xD
DAGA KOTOWARU! (maga artist mised his chance)
Need to accentuate beautiful girl, an ego boost every now and then ain't bad.
Goddess "I'm not flat" Celestine, was lurking in chat lol.

@GodricKharg from the Novel:
Hmmm,. I don’t get it. If she can make a potion that’ll basically do anything, why not make a potion every few years that’d age her. After 50 years reverse and start again. Ppl would forget her “younger face” after a while.

And a potion to ample up her chest...

This problem is an artefact of the mangaka's arrogance and real-world impotence. The series is little more than a lecture on power and on social policy by a chubby little grunter who actually has very little power and an adolescent understanding of social dynamics.
@Sharkexpert12 potentially eternal youth, I don't think she has been attacked yet to see if she is immortal after that war part.
Thank you very much, Sir Shadow.
I will fix it in the next 2 hours after I'm done with work and get back home.
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