Happy Sugar Life

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Vol. 10 Ch. 48 - Happy Sugar Life
Realistically, Shio should've died from the fall as well, or at least be permanently injured where she can't move again. It isn't the fall that kills you, it is the sudden stop at the end, so Sato saved her from the concrete, but its not like all her momentum isn't still going full force into Sato. Though I don't know what is more tragic, them dying together, or Shio surviving and continuing her life into further tragedy.

Physics and the ending aside, damn that was a sad story. I almost stopped reading at the start cause I was a bit bored, but I'm glad I stuck through. It's sad to think that if anyone had cared enough about Shio's mom or Sato, three deaths and the trauma of a little girl could have been prevented. Tragic circumstances led to their ruin.
@nano12 Read your second sentence.
Imagine damaging a child mentally (you cannot say she did not influence her in her path to adolescence and womanhood) along with all that shit she did to others yet gets defended for "seemingly taking care of a child (if this isn't grooming, it's way too close)". lmao I get ya'll crave for fluff and yuri/yaoi shit, but this is way too much.
She's traumatized. Anyways I think shio e.nded up becoming like sato.
Why is everyone in this comment section hating on Sato?
I get it, she was a murderer, a psychopath and a dirty pedophile. But never once did she try to hurt Shio and actually tried to protect her, which her family almost never did. Of course, she was sick from the get-go and would have had better see a psychologist. In the end, I can't help but empathize with her. Her story began by a good action (giving Shio a home. I don't think bringing her to the police station would have given her a happier life, she would have probably been given back to her mother, who already tried to get rid of her) and everything else was a "logical" series of actions that ultimately led to Shouko's and her deaths. The only characters I can truly hate in this story are Shio and Asahi's grandparents and father, as well as Sato's teacher (even if he's not that important). As for Sato's aunt, I think that, like Sato, she is just ill.
I think Sato inherited from many tragic characters such as Phaedra (Racine) and Lucrezia Borgia (Victor Hugo). I don't think anyone who studied one of these works actually hates their eponymous characters either. They are just disgusting and pathetic, not detestable.
And this is why people need psychologists.
There's always the feeling that all of these could've been avoided... But who's at fault here? The abusive adults? The blind authorities? The society unwilling to help? Everyone?

I don't like taking media seriously, but this story touched a nerve.
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This plays as the credits roll.

Amazing end! Hope the bitch are burning in the hell.

I was hoping for a better ending than the anime, but it was not meant to be.
What a disappointment.

I liked this series, but it deserved a sweet yuri end - not the bad end...
3/10 hope the pink bitch get stuck in a purgatory that make her watch Shio being taken away from her in anyway possible, forever
enjoy your bitterness
I don't think anyone was "saved" or "punished" in the end. It's just an ending that's meant to be harsh and make you think(perhaps unwillingly even) about the ending. I think it did a good job. My thoughts are mainly that this was pretty consistent storytelling, and good on the author not to be wishy-washy about it. But I do have some comments on the topic of karma here. For anyone who feels unsatisfied maybe you will feel better after you read this.

Shio lost the only person who gave(from her perspective) rather than took from her, but said person was constantly taking from other people. I'd like to think Shio is an exception to the "who did what wrong" due to limitations on her psyche(Memory loss, age, trauma, lack of role models, etc.). In Sato's case she is the same due to similar reasons, but ultimately she held more responsibility. We should just accept that she was a dead (wo)man walking at some point regardless of whatever good intentions she had.

But I do believe that there is at least some karma that came back around in this manga. For Asahi, the teacher and two others.

Asahi may not realize it now but he did good on Shouko by cornering Sato and making her face a choice, ultimately pulling her away from Shio. All he has to do now is learn that he didn't waste his time looking for Shio. He can look after her from a distance later, but he knows she is safe now and he's done his part as her family. It was always Shio's choice rather to accept this or not, but normally these kinds of choices are made after childhood. It'd be more ruinous if they were young adults, they still have time IMHO.

Suu-chan might get into trouble as an accomplice for lending Sato the passports. She'll learn a lesson in the fact that the person she was stalking was manipulating her after(and on top of) the shock of finding out said crush is dead. This could set her on the straight path if she can reflect properly, but either way this came full circle too.

"The painter" met immediate karma. What's worse is that judging from the lack of alarm from the public this person had few ties with anyone. He died alone. Sato at least had the privilege of dying with her lover in her arms. But the painter couldn't even see Sato's face.

I won't comment too much on any of the victims. They might seem to some like collateral in order to move the story in the direction it was headed, and to some degree that's definitely true, but IMO it had a sort of "Godzilla effect" on the setting which I kind of like.

No one was safe, so long as they got too close or involved. Everything got damaged without necessarily giving thought to things like justice or fairness. We can experience a sort of mix between lament and thrill from the circumstances, but I'm not sure if their purpose was to invoke pity. A lot of the characters in this story were ignorant, not in an insulting sort of way but just as a matter of fact.

The only exception to any of what I've said thus far is the aunt. Her role was very deliberate and was punished, yet the karma is uneven. I'm tempted to say she was the main villain of this story and "got away with it". She wanted Sato to die with Shio out of some twisted form of "love". Had she not raised Sato the way she did, wouldn't Shio have ended up in a police box waiting for a guardian instead of being whisked away? From the way she talked about a "bird", didn't she know from the getgo that Sato's friend had gotten involved? She wasn't even remotely fazed by the fact, it's almost like she planned all of this. And she obviously knew about the painter. Worst of all, her going to prison doesn't resolve any of the crimes and incidents she's directly (nor indirectly) involved with. And...I'm not even mad about it. lol It's ironic that she's written out to be a masochist, when on paper this sounds like some seriously sadistic shit.

I'm gonna be in a bad mood for a while...I mean it in a good way. I feel bad for Shio and Asahi. I remember when it only had three chapters. Last time I got caught up Shouko was pleading with Sato to tell her what was going on (about two years ago?). Decided to binge read this morning and boy was that a ride. 7/10 for me.
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wew arguments,, mm, well if there r weridos that wanna debate or w/e just go to 4ch or smt, just remember to satisfy all ur confirmation biases with "facts" 'citing/quotes' and 'logic', hf lol.
btw what r "normal human connection[)s(]" and "normal relationship", rather i mean like wtf is a normal relationship in the first place? i've honestly never heard of relationships being described as normal b4, ever--- mmm, also it isn't ok to kill some1 with non-flimsy justification whether you feel remorse or not, right? rather, if ur gonna feel remorse, how about not killing anything, ever, pls, ty.*

srry, meant to add that it doesn't matter if any1 cares about some1 or not, you can care about some1 and also help that person euthanize themselves, that is a form of care, killing your 10- yrs old daughter by essentially kicking her into an alley somewhere can be some crazy form of care, however, regardless of the reason, whether "i was high" or "i got poisoned brainwashed and like, magic'ed or w/e" love and consideration r completely irrelevant in such scenarios, it is just as bad as, 'oh, i had my son fight a bear by himself in the forest so that he could get stronk' i mean, sure, you want ur son to be some1 that likely won't get killed by most things, maybe u hope that he may even get good enough to dodge truck-kun, all you wish for is that your son can get big strong, and live a well, longish life that won't be paranoid of sharp objects or big animals, your intent is super super good, and all of that is worthless, b/c you still literally tried to kill ur own child , so um- let's just say im rather annoyed that people trying so hard to 'dive deep' into yandere loli manga, well, at least it isn't the more common gender politic that feels like is everywhere recently*

ofc, the whole what the masses want does not apply here, since every1 reading this far wants crazy etc. the thing is, if sato is not "punished" more than just a few people working for the magazine/publisher irl will be "punished" whether indirectly or not, so - you see, i do not believe i need to keep going, have a nice day lol,,
wew arguments,, mm, well if there r weridos that wanna debate or w/e just go to 4ch or smt, just remember to satisfy all ur confirmation biases with "facts" 'citing/quotes' and 'logic', hf lol.

btw what r "normal human connection" and "normal relationship", rather i mean like wtf is a normal relationship in the first place? i've honestly never heard of relationships being described as normal b4, ever--- mmm, also it isn't ok to kill some1 with non-flimsy justification whether you feel remorse or not, right? rather, if ur gonna feel remorse, how about not killing anything, ever, pls, ty.

, srry text wall*
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@DinoZer0 If they care then why not call the police to search Shio ? Instead of you know having the brother going on an investigation of this own ?

Sato didn't care about Shio she only care about creating her own false "paradise".

That's why all she do was in order to protect Shio ? Even including sacrifying herself and protect Shio when they jump of the building ? Both Shio and Sato were just craving for someone to love. I will be honest i don't have really read that much because i'm not a super fan of such dark atmospher but i know that much on it. I didn't think Sato should be forgiven for the murder or any other bad thing she've done and i know that a good end will have been only a dream but i'm pretty sure that Sato loved Shio .

Go read chapter 43 again and read it every dialogue very slowly. Take your time and understand that Sho and the mom are literally the only one who really care about Shio. Sato didn't care about Shio she only care about creating her own false "paradise". And guess what? She killed her own friend and a very kind hearted one at that. No matter how you put spin on it Sato is psycho and cannot have a healthy relationship with Shio. I rest my case.
i hate this cant believe it :(
No matter what you haters say, this was a great ride
difinetly better than the anime, although same sad ending
I hope the extra chapters shed some light on what happens when shio's all grown up
.. it's the same as the anime's after all. Yeah.. y'know what.. fuck this. Just.. fuck this. All that just to cave into the masses desires to see sato "punished" who completely missed the point of how everyone in this manga has grey morality at best and how it delved into the fact that nobody is fully good or evil, how easily one can become messed up from their circumstances, etc. All this just to be left feeling dead inside in the end. I can see why it took so long for the scanlaters to finish these last few chapters as i'd totally understand one feeling tempted to possibly quit right then and there
What a fucking ending.
God, this tilts me even at the end.
The completed function on mangadex is actually bad.
Also some manga tend to release more extra chapters after ending, and that makes the complete function worse.
I only mark old as time manga as Completed.
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