Saiki Kusuo no PSI Nan

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Vol. 25 Ch. 268 - Suddenly! PSIchic Battle
I finally get why Asou's characters in full height look a bit weird. They are drawn with realistic proportions, but those realistic proportions are of short people. Normally anime characters are drawn like they are above 170 cm, eventhough their stated height can be short.

Just a hunch though, I'm not an artist. I remember same weird feeling, when I looked at my friend's drawing. She went to art school and was of course much better at art than me, yet there was something off for me in her characters. I told her once, that she drew arm too short, she denied it. We checked out our arms. They end in different places compared to other body parts! It was because she drew people mostly with her proportions and her proportions were different from mine. I am not just taller, my arms and legs are also disproportionately longer than hers.
Little late to be a battle manga-ish, but I'm cool with that.
Hey dude you can't just use Saiki's realass voice like that. There's a procedure. You gotta dust them off first