Amanogawa Ke no Yon Shimai

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Ch. 116
Hats off to you man, back when this series got serious and interesting at the part where Akira didn't want to return to her home and the translations had gone stale you responded to people asking if you'd pick this up
And since then have continued to do this

I can't say that this series actually turned out great or had nice character development or anything, but I kept on reading because you picked this up and translated this for us

As stated before, because you stuck with this, we stuck with it
Thanks, mate!
tnx for the chapter!
@SquigglesJP No, thank you for sticking till the end! Without your effort, nobody would have, after all.

I don't actually think this series will leave me with any bad memories. There was something interesting about all the characters, how their personalities and actions were depicted, plus the fact they were aging for real and thus their lives progressed. Not like in Minami-ke, or many others, where the characters are forever frozen in time following the best traditions of ancient comics.
@FiddlePop @Kaarme Thank you for sticking to the end, a final chapter and lastly, the epilogue. I was kinda touched and... I felt like the epilogue has a HUGE upgrade on the art(?) or was it the character design. But holy.
Yea Boi, we at the home stretch now.
Just one more chapter to go!


Yeah, what a plot twist. Not.

I won't complain about the nice fanservice before the end, though.