Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

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Vol. 14 Ch. 123 - Words That I Couldn't Say Before
Great chapter!
to anyone who raging around...

block them all problem is gone. don't waste your time crying here,

they just like it, they like to see you crying out loud.

block it and is gone, problem solved.

personally i don't mind at all, cause I buy the book or just wait till official eng out.
I suggest you to buy to support the real the author and artist.
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Why the fuck do people complain about our of order chapters, just don't read them morons.
Oh no... poor iruma-kun... It makes sense that he would feel that way with how he has lived. I'm happy things make sense, but sad that he feels that.
Go fuck yourself sssss, your group is permablocked
Chotto Matte..

Where did the series go wrong?
Whaaaat I'm so curious how it gets here
Can't wait for the more serious translatorsto get this point of the story
What kind of idiot posts a chapter that skips ahead of the most recent release by thirty chapters? Then turns around and does it again, posting yet another chapter that once again is thirty more chapters ahead of the one he/she just posted?! It’s so easy to only see that there’s a new chapter out and assume that it’s the next chapter in line of sequence, then start reading it, only to realize that you just got spoiled hard core by some inconsiderate douche bag that couldn’t wait to post until time was right, or give the scans they had to the group that were translating the series so that they could hold on to it until the time was right, that way they could know that they at least contributed. But, no. This time, it was fine, because there were other chapters that were from the proper chapter sequence right there next to the ones thirty and sixty chapters ahead, so if anybody read those two it would have been their own fault. But when there isn’t any other chapter to compare to, when there’s just one chapter there and it jumps ahead of the sequence, you don’t know until you read it. By then you’ve already spoiled the story. What a cock tease.
SSSSSS Dude chapters are great for the comment section, other than that.... a little trash but it's true that no one is making anyone to read their chapters...

Don't take the dude seriously, I mean, he takes or they(dunno if they are a large group) take offense in someone taking offense of their skipping chapters and translating way ahead of it.
I mean, is obvious that people would take an aggressive stance over it, only a maso would do it on purpose.

One would think they are just trolling around and that's okay, but a troll taking offense about someone feeling offended for their bs is just ridiculous and something to laugh at( GO TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR GROUP PAGE IS HILARIOUS, HIM OR THEY TAKE THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY ).

So when talking about ssssssssss just remember kids, come to the comment section to laugh at the comments, like mine.

also remember that it might make the scans to actually translate a little bit faster....
this one is fast in translation thou(just recently (๏ฝก•ฬ€แด—-)โœง)
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trans team is taking the piss out of you people lol

this is whats in their group page lol
I don't really get how you have the time and energy to keep on translating so many skips after one-another. Must have doom-guy levels of rage or something wrong with your heads but the dedication is admirable nonetheless.
I wonder how long this will go on for, I imagine you wouldn't chaotically fill in and translate all chapters as a mosaic, would you? *wink* *wink*
why did iruma suddenly turn into midoriya
Shortly after @SteamedBunInvasion figured-out the vulnerability remaining after skip warnings,1 it became possible to block malicious uploaders.

Just go to the group page, and in the Group Info box go to the Actions row, and you'll find a button to block the group.

But be aware that a non-malicious uploader/group might post scans that fill the gaps but do not include scanlations for the installments that were uploaded by the malicious party. If you see persistent gaps, then you might want to look at the synopsis page while logged-out or after temporarily unblocking the group. (If you block multiple groups, then the option of logging-out will be simpler.)

If someone wants to help other users, then he or she might start a forum thread with an initial entry that is routinely updated, listing groups and users associated with spoiling skips. In each case links should be provided to the group page, to the user page, and to an example of a spoiling skip of that specific group's work by that specific user.
1 Specifically, the malicious scanner can upload one chapter with a skip, and then chapters immediately after that, and unwary users going from the Follows page will not get a warning about the original skip.
Fuuuu, the prez isn't in the vip list in iruma heart after 100+.....

I'm very sad....
10/10 SSSSSSS love the sneak peak of the things to come
Honestly, this looks fine. It looks like the emotional core of the story stays intact, and the art looks more polished. I like where this story is going.
it became a battle shonen
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