Amanogawa Ke no Yon Shimai

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Ch. 115
I mean, we all knew about the Yuri
Also, it was more like the sisters spoke about Aki and her senpai
Haru-nee looked beautiful but - nothing in this series beats Aki's blush
I never knew how much I needed a blushing Aki in my life before I witnessed it

YES, OnLY 2 MorE to GO!!
@Kaarme but she's cute right! xD

@smosism I smell YURI ?!
Akira is ruining her cool world traveller image with that blushing. Unless she's going for gap moe.
2 more, let's go!

Also, what the frick is the green haired girl doing in hawaii with the olther chars... I know she's just trying to cling towards the dude but for reals...

Also, also, finally Akira spoke about herself and the senpai oficially to her sisters, good for her!