Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

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Vol. 14 Ch. 64 - The Difference in Class
Wow what utter trash to kill probably his only/last living friend in that world, not even Talking about the fact it was a woman and all, but god damn, these kids where super fucked up more than I thought
@simplethrone aah, thanks. that explains it. I read from the WN..
good lard, the flames rise higher
@Daviot By the way, thank you for not deleting this version, since that would also delete all the discussions we had here.
This translation seems more accurate.

Go check again. This upload, from 13 days ago was done by a different group than the one who had uploaded the past 10+ chapters.

The upload from a few hours ago was the group that was doing those past 10+ chapters.

It's also not like anejelk is a newcomer either, sniping a release. He's done every other slime tensei series.

Get over yourself.
@Kampfarsch C'mon, it's not so bad to re-read it, it's a good one. XD
EDIT: Not to mention the edit quality of this version wasn't exactly good.
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man i sure do love it when a random group posts the latest chapter again for no reason 2 weeks after its already been uploaded
things getting so tense each chapter now! looking forward to the next chapter!
Hakuro badass AF boi
That's my ojii san
Gerudo is about to fuck them boi next right?
I found out someone always arguing on this manga can't I read comment section peacefully lmao
So he killed the otherworlder girl then aquired the skill "survivor"what does the skill do make him regen faster ?
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et al.

The recursive flame war has derailed the thread far away from discussions on the actual content of the chapter. Use the block function or take it to DMs.
Good news, seems Jesterly is undaunted by the snipe. Says his translation should be up this weekend.
Man, this translation is sub par. Its even worse than machine translations, holy shit
wait when did all my favorite manga comment section became a war zone?

so anyway we actually know how the fluff can old man oni go full calm to defensive mode in the 4-komas spin-off, nobody expect 3rd eye.

next is that Geld is basically the best tanker in any MMORPG/isekai manga, doujin in history.

and the other-worlder go full overconfidence and got killed and killing eachother. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!

and the fucking berserker also have a insta-regen from phys dmg, but Corrosive is like high level poison so yeah...
Nice. They got what they deserved.
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@Yautja You edited your comment first then I edited mine, you edited again after that.

calling you sub-human was telling you did not have a decent level of brain, like a mentally ill person, that's what it means is not a direct insult as you did first. You took it as an insult and I just assumed you were ill but that's it, You were the first to call me to fuck off.

you threw the punch first in reality.

I'm really bored now, so this is truly the last comment.

Have a good day
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