Solo Leveling

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Ch. 89
damn... man tears began coming out at the end
What is with these comments?
Just sit there and enjoy the free Manga updates.
Since I have no money I can say honestly that I loved this heartfelt chapter.
Compared to all the people who took their work off of this site, I'd prefer actual content to read to help me through all the depression I'm usually going through.
Great chapter, 10/10, much love, much feels.
Quit bringing drama into my relaxing enjoyment.
Just be ignorant and read what is provided.
If he stole work of another person then that guy can sue him.
If he doesn't sue him it's his own fault.
Hopefully he was smart and put a copyright on his translations by talking with the original manga's author.
@kimerax95 Finally somebody who presents proper proof without conditioning their search with subjectivity and is not afraid to state what's seen, you sir, miss (Attack Helicopter maybe?) have own my respect.
JB shill defense force out in action, I see

Nah, blow me, zoomer.
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had to come back here to edit my dumb comment because wow your recent update is truly unrivaled. just half an hour difference from the original raw release. jb was never this fast. thank you and im sorry for doubting your team.

p.s. @amplify for the nth time stop calling me jb shill, old man.
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@MaTu94 it's the same because they're using the translated script from Jaimini's Box, changing some words here and there for not make it really obvious. But still with very low effort.
You can also find something really funny, like some editing mistakes from JB straight up copied into their version.
@Claresilver47 My tone was only the direct result of an overly aggressive (granted not to me) proofless answer to a fair question, as my wording now may not be to your licking just because it's how I talk when somebody goes out of their way to explain how they don't like it when I defend myself justly. I don't care who brings what anywhere I care for it to be a fair action, still I'm not some tactless dimwit that just throws accusations around, and I know some coincidences may happen (as you noted extensively on your own comment), so I wouldn't be as unfair as to say it was downright stolen before asking properly, as such that's what I did. Btw you may have more of a pet peeve with JB than an actual justified problem and it may be fair to argue that you in no way, shape or form disproved the last hypothesis I presented, that hypothesis is also the reason scanlations usually try avoiding to work on the same project separately. As I said, there's no open accusation on my part, I have no solid proof, I was just asking because the chapter I read here looked exactly like the one I read before in JB and that seemed strange, still there's nothing in this for me to gain, rather I'm wasting quite some time on this answers, consequently I'll do me, you do you and they can do themselves, hope you get less personally involved on your next arguing with somebody and can be adequately objective to legitimate observations, for a group to be more or less to your liking doesn't make it more or less likely to be good or bad.
*You're my world bro*


lmao broest chapter ever
@MaTu94 For starters I don't even need to search hard to find errors in JB's releases and you can find the most basic of errors that can be corrected if they every bothered to proofread their stuff. The poise in this series isn't even that advanced and yet... JB's quality control is really quite lacking. Heck, even when back in chapter 75, JB's awkward wording in the pickaxe exchange was 'Did I look weird?' "To who?" while the group here translated it to "Did he notice?" 'Who?'. In the chapter 88, oh boy oh boy is there a LOT of just awfully worded sentences that makes me wonder if the proofreader is proficient at understanding English and a lot of the times they favor wording things in passive tense (and yes this is a thing) which makes exchanges excessively wordy. Now I wouldn't mind if that was just the way the character spoke but literally every exchange is like that. In fact, the passive tense problem is so prevalent that I can't even post every example because it's a problem in every single exchange
There are some of the errors in chapter 88, excluding the passive tense issue.

oh joy they released chapter 88 while I was typing this up, time to find the differences

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Such a great chapter to follow all of the demon slaying. I was genuinely worried Jin might be dreaming until she touched his arm.

The S rank healer becoming a teacher is odd though. Were I in that world, I could understand him not wanting to fight but I would be pissed at him squandering his gift when he could be in a hospital regrowing major organs and limbs.
@Claresilver47 Care to defend your statement with proof by comparison? More than one instance if possible. It'd also be perfectly coherent that they have a better quality release if they grab what Jaiminis released 1st and improve it, after all if I'm not mistaken JB's releasing first. I'm not making any accusation I was just stating rational hypothesis and asking but everyone gets up in arms here. . .
@IAmInept I meant what I said literally, I grab ch 89 and except one or two words the sentence construction and grammar are the same. Granted it's the same chapter and if the translators and editors have the same skills it'll come out similar, but still it's only logical to ask.
@MaTu94 JB's quality control is awful, they have grammar errors everywhere and often have poorly structured sentences that straight up don't make sense. The difference between their version and this version is quite large.
@MaTu94 No, we're not collaborating, what do you mean the end product is the same?
I don't get it, is SLS collaborating with Jaiminis or who's stealing who? Cuz the end product is the same. . .
solo leveling gey
Like bancho

Damned onion ninjas
Nice plastic tent bar.
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