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Ch. 8
Update soon please, thanks
Enjoying this alot, thanks for the TL
MC looks too much like Onizuka. Really enjoying this one.
As expected. Still fun to read though.
@Wnf i do agree with you that the author probably didn't think so far, and we are simple being picky. the story is basically simplified for readability (and author sanity) sake.
but what i think the story is lacking is the basic feeling the rest is at least trying, trying to be competitive and exploring by test/pushing boundaries.
and a fake fairness. at least make it sound like the game is fair and mc is more than an indestructible brick which infinity damage and aim hack.
those two point are basic game concepts that i believe would hold true even in the complexity of a vr environment. and the only reason i bother to comment is because the rest of the story is okay, the characters are consistent and have some flavor, the art is good, but the game itself tho... the contrast is too much. and i believe because of such contrast that we are seeing so many comments about it.

but yeah, maybe it is a bit too much, but i can talk about vr in general!
so while there is quite the difference between what we have and an advanced vr game, it will probably only change how they do it and who does it (depending on the type of interface connection, and the laws the game abide).
being good at a keyboard or controller will not matter, sure, and something like your brain capacity in adapting to the external interference and your mentality to be willing to experience the increased level of realism will matter much more. but that will not change how people will quantify/classify things, and test stuff, and even give numbers where there is none.
how much they will spend will depend on how worth it is (depends on the money and fun involved). that is the point i keep, if it is matter people will spend time on it, and basically build a mini science trying to understand it, monopoly of knowledge would be created, people would them monetize the average data that an average player can use. however how such things would exactly work would depend strongly on how the game system would be, but people would compete and work.
using your example, it may not be easy since it is not always the same value, but people could still make you punch the bag 100 times and said average value maybe 69, ha ha 69 would they joke with you while you probably would be quite tired. once it is 'true vr' the work involved in understanding the laws of game would be so much more elaborate, but if the game holds a really important position would people really not spend the time to understand it? trying, testing, being dumb, once there is competition they will work to be the best at it. because of the realism, there would be a flavor of complexity not seem before in games, but that wouldn't stop people of trying to science it, and 'crack the code' (we do that even to reality itself).

but i don't think such standards applies here, that is a lot more deep than the scope of this story and that is okay since this seems like a light read and authors have much freedom when writing about complicated stuff.

okay, bye, i should shut up now.
@moonlight00 Of course its not relatable its an advanced VR game, you seem to misunderstand the impact and difference a proper vr game would impact on in gaming in general.
Min maxing a character and performing abilities is generally easy in current games because your moves are quantifiable, i know if i use a default attack with no gear i will constantly hit a 5 on hit, thats generally easy and simple to understand.
But if you told me to punch a bag with a measure and to get the same value off each time, well good luck with that.
Being good in a vr situation no longer means to be competent at button pressing and timing but more physically and athletically competent in order to maintain somewhat consistent movements eliminating inefficient or wasted movements.
Thats not even going into the actual haptic feedback that you would experience interacting with a world for instance if you were exploring a sewer with zombies maybe it smells foul and putrid which would affect how you play in vr but not in a current game.
Eitherway it all doesn't matter because i doubt the author thought that far into it and he probably just read one of the many vrmmo books and decided to do one of his own.
page 43 hahaha xD
for anyone who played games or even watched others play games, this one here is absolutely not relatable at all.
the author has an idea of casual players, 'to have fun', 'it is only a game why you mad', kind of thing.
but people have different forms of 'fun' and 'addiction'.
it isn't about mirroring reality and being capitalistically slaved by items, and more about fully exploring the game, min-and-maxing every single facet of the possibilities presented to them.
the game is a puzzle before anything else.
and in such path they for sure will find any way to break the 'normal path' and they will put the info out there most of the time too.
it really isn't about mirroring and more like living a life in the game, having fun there while running from reality most of the time.
this is really a strong presence of any 'good' complex game (wow, warframe, path of exile, dota/lol, csgo, magic, etc).
games are beaten into submission after being bombarded with all kind of analysis and testings.
sometimes i even think that people who live to play games are more professional at dismantling than people who work at related/similar fields.
and considering that, this story fail so much at even picturing a ghost image of what a game is.
and this game is 'good' and 'complex' and holds a really important position (a lot of money involved too), that is the first thing we learned about the game.
it is perfectly fine for mc to be like he is, or even to him find a op 'bug', but then it should be what it is, a bug. and others should be able to also discover it, the whole player base shouldn't be blind or not testing everything or even random people should be finding the same thing. and it should be patched eventually, or else next 'tournament' they will be literally playing coins to decide the winner... i wonder how many people would be excited to watch that?
no cooldown (let alone a penalty) after getting a Tails (fail) on Luck's Blow is what really breaks immersion for me
theres no penalty for getting tails? lol
Well yeah I mean that makes sense and all, but I highly doubt the author thought that far.
I agree with what you're saying though, and especially tryhards figuring out equations. Heck they'll make special calculator sites or such if they really want to.
Really, I guess it's just the same with most manga and webtoons, with few authors researching the plausibility of their set up. Well, suspension of disbelief, what I was saying was just that it seems a good enough reason to just pretend not to notice the inconsistency.
Base stat is the easiest thing to test. Just dump about 20 points in luck and you can estimate the change in crit rate/dodge rate with repeated trials. Tryhards will figure out the equations while Casuals can just read it off a FAQ afterward. This happens in every online game with a competitive scene. Meanwhile this game has expensive VR device, PvP tournaments, competitive players, top guilds, and nobody knows anything.

Plus luck/crit base characters are very popular in MMORPG. And the character clearly doesn't suck here even at level 1. So how it can be completely missed is beyond me. It's not like luck is useless for the first 50 levels before that hidden skill shows up.
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Honestly isn' that the same as what he did in the game before? Playing a smith like being jobless? The only thing that changed is that he now focuses on luck... hopefully he will pick some interesting class...

Did she screenshot that moment like a creep??? Lmaoooooooo
Well, think about it this way. Let's say this was an rpg. Would you spend god knows how long levelling to put all your points into luck?
If you would sure, complain, if you wouldn't put all your points into luck then don't complain. That's not what most people do and obviously it's more like a stat perk so you'd have to do it for a long while and permanently forsaking other stats to do it. Even if there's doping the people who would do it for luck are probably high level while for all we know the only luck doping item is the rabbit's foot which wouldn't be circulated because most people starting there just leave and so nobody exploits this starting area.

-Nobody knows what a base stat like luck does, how it affects critical, dodge, and drop rate.
-Nobody knows what rabbit drops, even though it's a common mob.
-Nobody knows about a secret skill that lets you one shot a boss if you add enough luck.

Does the author have to dumb down the other players that much?
knew it
Makes sense. She doesn't want to get hit on in the game
Welllp, time to ship
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