Mad Summer School

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Power Cut
So you've got lazy employees leaving highly flammable and explosive stuff lying around in places they shouldn't be lying around, no way to leave the building in the event of an emergency if the power goes out, a really shitty power system that doesn't have a reliable back up, and about 20 teenagers staying in a building where highly classified experiments are being carried out with absolutely no security measures preventing said teenagers from barging in to restricted areas.
10/10 use of government funding
All-day heatwave + Powercut = Not exactly thinking straight.
Add on to that they don't seem to have common sense, which happens to a lot of academic types = Potential Darwin award.

The student who mentions the shoddy construction thought it was funny the other panicked.
The MC didn't think to mention the elevator. The teachers are stupid as well for trying to use the maintenance elevator for convenience and ignoring obvious danger factors.
I don't know how much Japanese culture influences the decision making here, but from seeing those accident videos on YouTube and other places, what I thought was corny, silly and nonsensical fiction turns out to happen in reality as well.

Even Final Destination events (The train track metal piece, something similar to the motorway accident and something similar to the roller-coaster accident have all happened) in real-life. The Reddit links are long gone due to that whole section being blacklisted though.
> STAFF ONLY sign blocking the way of the maintenance elevator
> staff member says don't use that maintenance elevator
> gas canisters visible inside the maintenance elevator
> MC repeatedly says dont go downstairs, inadvertently saying not to use the maintenance elevator

every character that was established to be very intelligent students: ItS TOO HoT hERE, LeT's TaKE ThE mAINtenANCE ELeVAtoR aND LEAve!!
To be fair, they were very worn down by the heat and not in the best condition to make re-think their decision. They probably just thought "We need to get out of here!" and the elevator was the only option besides the stairs.
But the adults should have stopped them.
Also, did Bitchgirl survive? There was a panel of her getting hold back because "she is ranked last", but we didn´t see her after that.
Maybe they were very good at studying...but they're still really stupid.

Using a evelator in a unstable building/during a power-cut ? Don't blame the others if you're too stupid to live.

Wonder how many are left now, lmao.
Evil organization doing fucked up stuff is one thing, but this was just stupid people doing stupid things lmao
Page 1: All the other floors are off limits!
Page 2: Let's go take the elevator down!
Who, in their right minds uses an elevator during a power cut?
Well there goes half the cast
Should have just kept studying!
Oh shit oh fuck. I was not expecting that.