Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Vol. 9 Ch. 83 - Abyss
Good thing Murder-chan killed the girl that was on death's door. That'll show them.

I'm not sure that was effective against Undead Tits. Damn, looks like a full party wipe. Hacker Tits isn't getting ahead in this story either. Either she's coming back, or she lived long enough to die a virgin.

Clearly I have been underestimating Chump this entire time. He was able to enter the facility, sneak up on Pimp-kun like Solid Snake, and land a flying dragon kick to his grill, which looks like it ruined all of his expensive dental work. Given that Pimp-kun was able to solo all the witches with 0 difficulty and he was clearly no match for Chump here I feel like I'm going to be force to upgrade him again to Ultra Chump. Not going to be surprised if I'm still underestimating him going forward though.

Death Counter:
Kitty Titties: 5
Ultra Chump: 2
Crippled Tits: 0
Hacker Tits: 2
Cow Tits: 0
Undead Tits: 3