A Thing Hiding in an Erotic Cult

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Vol. 2 Ch. 7
lowkey love this manga
Good cliffhanger.
Old man: "Religion sucks."
Employee: "But money."
Old man: "Praise the Lord!"
Ah the good old "you shall not question your religious superiors", of Islam. Really aids in corrupting the organization if abused. I prefer the old Prussian "absolute loyalty to the kaiser, but question your superior if needed, and tell him if you think the plan is stupid, it is your duty." That mentality promotes stability, merit, and counterintelligence.

Oh, right. Why have I not seen any of the guys punished. I personally would like to see that one fanatic brat in particular punished.
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spankity spank
that girl getting whipped reminds me of that one NTR H-Anime animated by Studio 7... Kagachi-sama or whatever...
feels totally like it too...

Ojou-sama's kinda that one nutjob who orgasms when choked near death...
What in the Fuck is going on in this
I shall listen to the soviet theme to stay pure in my endeavor to read this manga.