Game of Familia: Kazoku Senki

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Vol. 3 Ch. 17 - Birth of a New King
the kinslayer is accursed in the eyes of gods and men
Well here's my take on it, and I know this is going to be a little late, but you have to imagine this from the main character's point of view growing up with that piece of shit for dad and all of the women he went after. Imagine every single woman that he ever went after that they didn't give a single shit about him, they cared about his dad but they put up with him. Time and time again this happens until he meets his current family. This one is an actual family to him, and he sees the best chance possible to get rid of his piece of shit dad at the same time protect his family. At least that's the way I see it not having read any further ahead.
It's probably his dick right?
at the end of this chapter , sister 3 is dead because she cant breath because oxygen cant get inside that hard ball of dirt , lol .

@yarielist The chuuni one of the hero working in the shadows is Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute. Hope that helps for anyone curious bout it.
@ESCrowe She made a friend and didn't get any of those fancy traumas other people would've gotten if they went through what she did.
@whoodakid same author, almost the same MC personalities
In the end, the gyaru accomplished...what?
Wow oh wow. Can't believe he did that.
Unexpected revelation from Sasae, this guy is a madman.
Your comment sent me back to that accursed site!

I really hope there comes a challenge later on in this manga. His family may eventually distrust him but that is not the challenge I mean. Someone that can rival this MC. Maybe not in magic but with wits or someone who makes his sacrifice for power seem useless.
@daywithoutgames Not gonna act like this plot is great or anything, but that's real far off base lol. First of all, depending on the length of time he lived with them, they might be legally required to take guardianship (though that's a US law, not sure about Japan). But the more important thing is that his father didn't have money, his step mom did. That's the whole thing about how his dad was a bad person.
Daba king was right in the end, after everything he did he brought stability and prosperity to his people.
@whoodakid :
You mean MC as "Darkhero" ? Or MC working at shadow for his / her teammate / friend ?
Another Darkhero type beside after @AMetroid said :
Tanya The Evil (Evil loli, capable doing evil thing including causing WAR which kill hundred even thousand but for the better for her country)
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (For revenge, but also to correct the mess up country, because most leader and hero in that country is PSYCHO)
??? (Like above, but it's a Hero which resurrected, and start killing around for his revenge. Torturing Princess at public, even killing cannibal noble family too)

MC working at shadow for his / her teammate / friend :
??? I forget the title,
basically MC is super power chuuni, tried to become Dark hero or something (based on anime he see), and try to surpass nuke power (already have PHYSICAL SUPER POWER), but get isekai-ed by truck-kun (yeah, still lose to Truck-kun) ...
at isekai MC even get broken by ability to use super magic ...
MC even use crazy experiment at incurable disease magic person, but actually healing her instead ...
latter MC have LOT of girl follower (mainly from all of her "experiment") but all follower believe MC chuuni story setting how MC have organization as Dark hero and need to go against evil organization which need to fight with ...
as crazy as it sound, MC delusion actually become reality and they need to goes against that "imagination" enemies ...

Here's the main charm,

Murabito Desu ga Nani ka?
MC killed and resurrected, work in shadow to support heroine he loves at, but mainly takes revenge at several being in that world ...
(even so, the heroine actually get WEAKER than what she should be, because she don't get hardship she should get. and this makes MC work even harder than he should be, she still weaker tough)

there's should be one more title, but it don't get any update and I already forget most of it ...
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@HolyOrdos :
Daba already better than his father ...
by governing and overthrowing with minimum bloodshed (his kingdom get more prosper for Daba reign) ...
he act very cruel to make other scared him, so less sacrifice ...
No matter how cruel he act, he do that for his own country ...
Even at the end of his life, Daba still worried about his kingdom ...
His "noble" thing as you said is just his own "standard personality" so nothing deviated in here ...
(remember previous chapter talk when he almost rape MC sister)

@JacqliEster :
surprisebutsex ? Nah ... I'm sure they already do that ...
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- MC : i killed my own father in order to have $ex with my step-mother and step-aunts .

- er , that is not how it works in the real world , stupid brat . the moment your father died , step-mother would inherit all of his money , and then "your caring step-mother and step-aunts" would kick you out of their house , and you would have to become a beggar . no virgin woman wants a male stranger 's d!ck in her house .
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Rather disappointed with the chapter. Too anticlimactic and predictable. All the build-up ended in MC showing how he is stupidly overpowered and ready "to protect loved ones".

Even worse how author downplayed Daba's character who went from all-around evil guy to some honorable in defeat almost good? guy. MEH
nigga killed he's own father
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